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A to Z TV academy

Self-pace doorstep need base education to fit the lost puzzle

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Never in the history of Ghana has she been pulled with options to join the global community to solve a common problem that is dangerously capable of extincting the existence of those who neglect its potency. Threat of covid19 has strongly exposed the vulnerabilities, grave deficiencies and how distant the country is away from the world technology.

The country has over the years posed as successfully moved on from a purely agricultural economy to a technology based service economy. In the phase of this global pandemic, it would be a mockery it utter those phrases to a primary school pupil. The country hurriedly closed its boarders and went into a locked down on 5th April 2020 with the possible hope to eradicate infection of the virus. To their surprise, porous boarders channeled the inflows of infested Ghanaians living abroad to escalate infections. 

After three just weeks, the West African giant has to make a u turn to open up its economy for the sake of the poor amid the fear of increasing number of infections. The closure of schools are absolute. Teachers, students, pupils, parents, organizations and government are lost in the big ocean. As long as covid 19 remains a treat to life, the nation has to be rebuilt on the hinges of acceptable phenomenon of equity driven by socially minded individuals.

1. The economic wealth of the country would have to be easily assessed by who are interested at an affordable price.

2. Equity in quality levels of education would have to be readily available to all in the manner that those with special needs have prop us that can help them to achieve their maximum potential

3. Remodel the one size fit all educational system into a need base system that benefits the individual.

4. Never again should an educational system drop out individuals but individuals should come out of the system when they are fulfilled and earning their desired livelihood.

A to Z TV academy will be a free view television school with a mobile app that engages the whole family.  Though curriculum based for young people it would be embedded with life changing skills and hands on projects for a holistic development. Parent or adult can choose the free DIY learning path of their choice and interested persons can market their products on our international  eCommerce platform to get better value for the worth of their products.  

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

The unequal distribution of learning resources has left many to the fate of illiteracy in their own countries.The cut off line determined by societies ideal is strong enough to relegate the individual into a stereotype. Individuals are boxed into a one size fit all system that forcibly label those who do not fit into it as useless. Students and families with special needs have to rely on fate to survive. School systems are not fashioned to meet the unique needs of students and most talents die before graduation. Overtime, this has created a huge gulf between the rich and the poor. The steps out of poverty in Ghana is steep and slippery. Individuals have to resort to any manner of survival strategies to live. This has increased lawlessness and crime among the youth and other social menace just to mention a few.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

We are a team of Teachers and parents with varied experiences by virtue of our locations during this pandemic. While some of us are enjoying the benefit of well structured economy with a well armed educational system, other colleagues are battling with finding a way out to be on their feet. Children in Ghana have been totally out of school since the 5th of April. Over 80% of families cannot afford internet learning and the state cannot provide. Services in that respect are very limited. Ghanaian teachers are very distant from digital learning and cannot provide it. 

eCommerce is at a very young stage so buyers and sellers have to still congregate amid the fear of this pandemic to strike a deal between life and death to do business anyway. This can make social distancing difficult.

The good news is that, Ghanaians are ready to embrace change but its over the heels expensive and limited 

What region are you located in?

  • Western Africa

Where are you located?

Our local team is located in Accra, Ghana and our international team are based in Finland.The differences between the economies of these two states are on the opposite edges they stand.whilst Finland schools are continuously making imprint among the best in the world, Ghanaian schools suffer from the extreme edge. Accra is the capital of Ghana and has a population of over 5,000,000 people. Contact education from Primary to Senior High school is free. Currently schools are totally closed.


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Hi Comfort Danquah ! I’m Tiffanie, a community coach. Think of me as your concierge/mentor. I’m here to help guide you through this really fun experience. I’ve had the chance of going through a full design collaboration myself, and know it can be a little confusing at first. Would love to hear more about you! What are you interested in getting out of this experience?

I love the intergenerational bend on your idea. It will be lovely to see parents and students working together in education.

Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with!

Photo of Comfort Danquah

Hello Tiffanie Harrison, good to hear from you. I am a social scientist involve in social policy implementation through social entrepreneurship. I Co-funded Placefeet in 2015 to engage women in fruit processing whilst at the same time provide market for farm produce which otherwise would have gone bad if not churned. Even though our aim of assisting Small Holder farmers to enroll on the National pension scheme is not realized due to lack of funding and Covid19 pandemic, we are still passionate about reducing the centuries old poverty among families.
In Ghana, equity in education since independence had been far from what is written.Governments had done their bit but woefully inadequate The advent of Covid 19 led Schools to close totally without any plans of engaging students. Poor families are now forced by need to go back to their old ways of work despite the threat of life. This can make social distancing and a slow down of infections an utopia.If left unattended the poor would be worse off and the numbers will escalate.
Our interest in this challenge is to find a collaboration of expertise and funding partners to kick start and implement the A to Z TV academy. This include a free view curriculum and career base TV school, a similar in a TV app and a secured eCommerce platform to serve interested families. The program would place education at the door step of families. Those who had missed out on quality curriculum base learning would now have the opportunity to make up or choose the career based learning. We strongly believe this program can be a powerful tool to address the regional problem of social distancing to reduce infections, bring equity in education, and leap the majority of the regions poor out of poverty.
Your recommendation, collaboration, partnership or resource is dearly welcome to get A to Z TV academy in action. It would be a joy to see generations of under privilege families leap out of a windowless web of poverty to view a light of success at last.