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A collection of ideas for the future from a hopeful fifth grade student

I have provided here a list of ideas/soutions that my son has been discussing over past few weeks to enable flexible learning environments.

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My son was trying to make sense of the 100% digital learning environment with the help of his awesome teachers and I wanted to jot down his ideas with some solutions that could possibly help. So provided below are the ideas (WHAT), the reasons for these ideas (WHY) and the approach we could take (HOW).


- ability to access various learning resources across the world and not limited by region and economic background; (e.g.: a US student can connect with learning resources in India)

- ability to choose learning paths other than traditional models (e.g.: learn a coding class at college level even if you are grade 6)

- ability to partner with teachers and resources in other organizations who have exceled in a specific area (i.e., not expect school teachers to learn every new topic, and tap into experts from other locations)

- ability to socialize even in virtual setting by having informal clubs and social groups where kids can meet (e.g.: book clubs, lunch bunch)

- ability to have physical training and clubs that help train athletes in virtual settings using apps, while scheduling games and practice sessions when they meet

- ability to bring kids and families together with common interests (e.g.: using AI to recommend who else in your network is interested)

- ability to connect all these various interests on one common schedule/time table with a virtual assistant or robot that could help organize for the kids and the teachers

- ability to connect senior students to junior students where the seniors can teach concepts and mentor the kids on specific topics


We need to go beyond the baseline expectations we have lived with in the past, and expand the learning to new topics, resources and future needs.

We need to address diverse learning needs, abilities and interests, the COVID learnings should be applied to multiple future scenarios and support a variety of systems (family, economic backgrounds, region, country).

The target is to fulfill the learning needs of the GEN Y, GEN Z and should plan for the next generational cohort as well. Currently the solutions are not meeting the expectations of this cohort.

The solutions should solve for how careers will evolve as these generations enter the workforce, and not based on conventional careers of the past.


This should also account for the stakeholders' point of view such as the policy makers, school administration, teachers and parents. As these scenarios need to be enabled by these stakeholders, they should actively participate in the solutions and scenario planning.

We have worked on some of the details of how we should approach these ideas and can work with you to make it happen.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Multiple apps and multiple interfaces that confuse kids as they plan their day.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

My son - Hridaan is in Grade 5 and having ideation sessions with him made me believe that we can solve some of these problems. My husband, Ravi also participated and contributed his ideas in the brainstorming sessions we had as a family.

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  • North America

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North America


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Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi Smita.
Thanks for sharing these ideas, generated from brainstorming with your son and husband!
Some of the ideas bring to mind posts I have read on the challenge. Here are a few if you want to check them out.
Virtual Cafeteria  The Online Buddy Program  Social Hour: School Organized Time for Kids to be Kids 

I like and am curious about your idea to connect families, kids, who have common interests with AI. How would that work? How does your family do this now?

Photo of Karen Harpp

Hi Bettina and Smita,
These are great ideas, and definitely dovetail with our Online Buddy Program as mentioned by Bettina. We'd love to hear more about your specific ideas (Smita), given the complementary nature of them.



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