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The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic is a pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 1, 2019, Symptoms: Initial flu-like symptoms, such as fever, coughing, breathing difficulties, fatigue, and myalgia, Incubation period: 1-14 days, Mode of transmission: Human-to-human transmission via respiratory droplets, Prevention tips: Avoiding close contact with sick individuals; frequently washing hands with soap and water; not touching the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands; and practicing good respiratory hygiene. The “Qurarnta” is not a new term but in 1348, Venice was the very first city to official quarantine hopes of curbing transmission of bubonic plague. Incoming travellers had to stay in isolation for “quadrant” forty days, hence where we derive the word “quarantine.” it is an infectious disease caused by newly discovered coronavirus and the one that caused the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003 are related to each other genetically, but the diseases they cause are quite different, SARS was more deadly but much less infectious than COVID-19, there have been no outbreaks of SARS in anywhere in the world since 2003. And this coronavirus is a new strain that was discovered in 2019 and has not been previously identified in humans. Now there is no vaccine available to protect against this virus. People with Covid-19 generally develop signs and symptoms, including mild respiratory symptoms and fever, on an average of 5-6 days after infection (mean incubation period 5-6 days, range 1-14 days) most people infected with Covid-19 virus has mild disease and recover. People of all ages can be infected by the new coronavirus, older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus. Antibiotics should not be uses as a means of prevention or treatment. Mask is nothing to protect from virus people and the same time that you are protecting other people from your cough and sneezing. it is advisable to practice social distancing, avoid gatherings such meals, hats, gatherings in religious places, social functions etc. maintain a safe distance of at least one meter between you and other people when in the public places, especially if they are having symptoms such as cough, fever etc., to avoid direct droplet contact, stay at home as much as possible. avoid physical contact like handshakes, hand holding or hugs, avoid touching surfaces such as table tops, chairs, door handles etc. practice good hygiene wash your hands frequently ding soap and water, after coming home from outside or meeting other people especially if they are ill. Now I am sharing with you a new opinion that out of 100, 4 people are affected with serious nature hospitalized Corona virus. So remaining 96 people without their knowledge whether they effected with Corona virus or not. Now I am making you alert, that we are living in a civil society without medical aid. We are treating ourselves in our house for any un-foreseen ailments like fever, cough, stomach ache, and unavoidable accidents within house, with our own arranged medicines without consulting doctors and hospitals except severe cases like dialysis, Kidney, mother and child, neurology, etc.; as such we should not blame government in this lock-down period. When I enquired my friend in phone and got information that he was busy with home repair, old furniture, doors, air conditions units, bore water motors, motorcycle and car repairs etc., as like me too. But you ought to know that we are living in the Civil Society without medical-care, doctors and even medical stores in some places, and we come across any accident while in house work, what would be our position. Hence be careful not to work any hazardous work at home and take much care even to walk. Before walk please check once and twice of the condition of floor. Mind you that no doctors available in this lock-down period. If we met any accidents, our conditions cannot be accessible, kindly imagine once and thrice. If at all, if we try any medical assistance, none will lift the phone, please take it grant. Because doctors are very busy with their assignment work and private hospitals are closed for time being and private doctors are taking rest in the lock-down period. Now it is our time to think how we will face this situation? I am giving you time for solvation this situation to you for 5 minutes, now kindly start thinking please…..!, but I am giving my opinion that the government recently introduced tele-medicine and allotted us a phone No, 14410, they are medically qualified people and give us suggestion and suggest medicine and one more facilities provided by this government to supply the medicine to your house point, provided that you are residing at RED-Zone area. And other than this for natural accident etc., the government very kind enough to allot another number with effect from 15-4-2002, they are medically qualified to attend the emergency and suggest proper advice in time.  As such you remember that we are living in the great civil society without medical -care. As such avoid unnecessary hazardous works like climbing trees and other works also, and avoid walking even, eat less to safe side your stomach, and take much care till lock down period. After expiry of lock-down period you can eat as much you want and generate your original strength. As such I am not boring you, every day you are watching TV and Medias for precaution for COVID-19 pandemic. Why I am expressing my opinion that if any uneven thing will be took place, I should not repent myself that I could not inform you my feeling in time. nothing more than that as such ever keep your stomach empty, don't be fast, try to sit in the sun afloat 1 hour possibly, don't use air conditions less than 28*, ever drink hot water and never keep your throat dry, these are all known to you, I should not like to bore you too much. Any how it is advisable to keep immunity. Immunity plays predominant role to prevent any type of virus and deceases. I hope that you will allow me to say few words about my gathering information from real victim, who came out of the hospital from isolation treatment for COVID-19 Pandemic is that every day treatment procedure are as follows:

1. V-1 C-1000

2. Vitamin E

3. Sitting in the sun from 10-30 AM to 15-20 PM.

4. Diet prepared with egg

5. Rest/sleep for 7-8 hours daily

6. Drinking lukewarm water daily and boiled food

7. Hot water vapour

Observation in the hospital is”

The corona virus has to increase from 5.5 Ph. to 8.5 Ph. As such we have to consume more alkaline foods to beat the Corona Virus’s Ph. level. It is known to all that some of them are:

* Lemon-9.9 ph.

* Lime-8.2 ph.

* Avocado-15.6 ph.

* Garlic-13.2 ph. *

* Mango-8.7 ph.

* Tungsten-8.5 ph.

* Pineapple-12.7 ph.

* Dandiline-22.7 ph.

* Orange-9.2 ph.

How to know if one is being infected with the coronavirus?

1. Itching of the throat

2. Dry throat

3. Dry cough

4. High temperature

5. Shortness of breath

6. Loss of smell and taste and hearing.

When you have any of these symptoms, drink lukewarm water with lemon

Don't keep this information with you. Give it to all your family and friends. Be careful and * Stay safe at Home comfortably*And by dropping 3 to 4 drops mustered  oil into nostril regularly, eat fruits, drink milk with yellow horn powder. Preferably feed with children too. Similarly the secondary attack rate of the virus within the household is 16.3 per cent; the risk of infection depends on the ages of the contacts and their relationship with the infected person, among others. Avoid heights-risk sites i.e., hospitals, supermarkets and railway stations. We know that the pandemic influenza A in 2009 was at 13 per cent the transmission probability is higher in the household model. Adults are more susceptible to the disease than children below the age of 18 when they were exposed to the same sources of infection. While people of all age groups are susceptible, they may suffer different severities due to the disease depending on their age and if they have any comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes or heart disease. Home quarantine by themselves since onset of symptoms might make certain sense to prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in household. It is necessary to clean the house properly with detergent or even with bleaching powder and put sabirani dope in night time in the house, because  two specific types of cells i.e., goblet and ciliated cells in the nose, initial infection route for the virus as the likely initial infection points for SARS-CoV2, the entry of the virus takes place by means of a “lock and key” effect. Like all coronaviruses, SARS-CoV2 consists of a fatty envelope with a “spike protein” on the surface. The spike acts as the “key” to “unlock” a protein on the human cell, called ACE2, which acts as the receptor for the virus. Once inside the cell, the virus uses a second protein, called TMPRSS2, to complete its entry. TMPRSS2 has protein-splitting abilities, which allow the virus to reproduce and transmit itself inside the cell. Goblet cells are mucus-producing cells on the surface of organs, and are found along the respiratory tract, along the intestinal tract, in the upper eyelid etc. Ciliated cells are hair-like cells, again occurring on the surface of various organs, and help sweep mucus, dust etc. to the throat, where it can be swallowed. Hence it is highly essential to put 3 to 4 drops oil into nostril regularly because the two cell types in the nose, where the proteins were expressed at the highest levels, are located at a place that is highly accessible for the virus, rather than route of infection via the eye and tear ducts. For which we cultivate the habit of using daily hot water vapour treatment please. Why we should use masks, for social distancing and staying at home is to prevent the virus spread through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Reaching out to most vulnerable communities at this time is of crucial importance. Daily-wage earners (such as construction workers, street vendors, garland makers, etc.) are fast losing jobs and are unable to procure food and essential items. Many households are surviving on little or no food. The new corona virus, COVID-19 does not appear to be stoppable at this point. It has escaped control around the world. Estimates are that a vaccine cannot be expected for 14 months or longer. There is no guarantee that a vaccine will be available even in 14 months. Even if a vaccine is developed in 14 months, it will take much more time to mass produce it and vaccinate the population enforce.

The coronavirus pandemic has been spreading like a wildfire. As the number of confirmed cases near the three million mark and a death toll of soaring past 200,000, for which we should be careful in our own please The bitter present position is developed that coronavirus previously had three symptoms to the list- fever, cough, and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. But confirmed six new symptoms of coronavirus bringing the total number to nine so if anybody is experiencing any such symptoms, they should get tested for the novel coronavirus.

These new symptoms are: 


*Repeated shaking with chills

*Muscle pain


*Sore throat

*New loss of taste or smell

In this circumstances, we should not blame anyone, but everything is in our own hands to increase immunise in our body in a way improve resistance to prevent any type of virus is only the way. As such adopt the food habits to consume alcoholic food with rich Ph. as we discussed above. We should not disguise ourselves. We all are know that this not first virus and virus has good history in the past throughout epidemics have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of lives lost. The reason epidemics have claimed so many lives are that they are usually highly communicable diseases which reach large populations in very short times. The number of cases of the disease quickly exceeds what would normally be expected within the population. These diseases could be viral, bacterial, or other health events i.e., obesity. Some epidemics have been so great that they left a permanent impact on the population at the time. For example, the Plague of Justinian hit humanity between 541 and 542 AD. It was responsible for the highest number of lives lost in an epidemic in history. Estimates believe 100 million people died during this time, which was half the world population. This plague was able to spread so quickly because it was carried on the backs of rodents, whose fleas were infected with the bacteria. These rats travelled all over the world on trading ships and helped spread the infection from China to Northern Africa and all over the Mediterranean. The Plague of Justinian is attributed with having weakened the Byzantine Empire in several ways. The military lost power and was no longer able to fend off intruders. Farmers became sick, and agricultural production declined. With a smaller agricultural base, income taxes fell. Thousands of people died daily at the height of the destructive plague. Not only this in the year 1346-1350 black plague caused lives of 50,000,000 and the present HIV/AIDS from 1960- present caused lives 39,000,000, 1980- Spanish Flu caused live 20,000,000 and similarly our earth experience with Modern Plague- 1894-1903, Asian Flu – 1957-1958, Sixth Cholera Pandemic-1899-1923, Russian Flu-1889-1890, Hong Kong Flu-1968-1969, Fifth cholera pandemic-1881-1896 in our fast and present history with nominal lives. And now come to future epidemic would be so serious that the next global epidemic is the fear of many public health professionals. Given the ease of mobility and absolute globalization of today, a rapidly spreading disease that could wipe out the population is easy to imagine. The likelihood that this epidemic would come from animals is very high. New infectious pathogens are being discovered every day. Large farms pose the greatest danger because of the constant contact between animals and people; the potential of cross-contagion is increased. It is important that governments and public health officials maintain a strong, vigilant network to prevent widespread diseases in the future. When comparing to our fast history, we are proud to say that we are lucky enough that we have common sense to improve our immunity system coupled with strong governmental initiatives like lock-down, telemedicine’s facilities, and necessary dedicated medical systems. As such as on date, India confirmed death 872, Europe 20,319, as globally confirmed 196,295 so far, and the result of that Mr. Boris Johnson returned to Downing Street on Sunday night by the Grace The God with his government under pressure over its handling of coronavirus, as ministers warned that physical distancing must become the “new normal” – even when the lockdown is eased.

What is the need are you focusing on?

Our organization firmly come to a conclusion to start a campaign for poor and needy “'Feeding India' to save daily wage labourers, the homeless population, beggars, slum-dwellers, several low-income groups as well as the elderlies who live alone need enough food to stay alive. Our organization will provide food support to the daily wager communities that are currently unable to support their family’s food requirement. We will make ration kit comprises of Rice, Pulses, Oil, required for a family of 5 for one whole week. Each kit will cost us Rs. 600 and will be delivered to their door steps. Our organization aims at providing 50000 hands wash, 50000 sanitizers, and Coronavirus testing Kits to screening of patients with flu symptoms to confirm or rule out the Covid-19 within two and half hours, and delivers a month-long food supply to 25000 people with the funds our organization raises for homeless people and provides basic shelters. And our organization is in capacity to feed 200 mea

What is the best example of business adaption you’ve seen in response to COVID-19?

supplying soap bars for washing their hands for every 30 minutes even is must and our organization is supplying 5,000 sanitizers, because self-solation may be tough enough to outbreak the coronavirus., which only prevent mass death and infection. The history speaks that Spanish flu, which killed 50 million worldwide, which is equivalent of 200 million today, we come into particulars experience that in 2009 swine flu pandemic, which infected million and caused more than 10,000 deaths. And our organization will supply 1,000 bed-sheets to immigrant workers, who lost their jobs in other cities. 1,000 hygiene kits for elderly is very important in our present concept in health program, 1,000 Coronavirus testing Kits to screening of patients with flu symptoms to confirm or rule out the Covid-19 hardly within one hour span or so, Our organization is now in capacity to feed 500 meals a day at present, and would like increase in future. Our organization aims at providing 25,000 Sai

What is your profession?

Arbitrator, Secretary-Cum-Correspondent of Victory Social Welfare Association Rajahmundry- Andhra pradesh, India web site"

Where are you located (country)?

India , plot no.66, doctors colony, seethammadhara, visakhapatnam-530013, A.P. India

Where are you located (region)?

  • Southern Asia

Which industry do you work in?

  • Law Political Science/Governance

Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your submission? Are you participating in these efforts?

We are NGO, a non-profit organization styled as “Victory Social Welfare Association” (Regd.196/2002) Door No. 115-12-214, Konthamuru, Rajahmundry-533102, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India. We are working for poor and needy people of minority population in rural areas and slum dwellers areas for last 18 years successfully. Our organization has 12AA, 80G, Fcra income tax exemption, Niti Aayog, Updated Annual Returns and Audit Reports. Madhava Raju Sripathi, M.A. LLM. ICS. PGDCA

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