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The Portable Grocery

What an irony! Domino's Pizza delivering groceries, well something healthy to look upon to.

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COVID19 has forced countries to impose a nationwide lock down which has affected the global supply chain in a devastating manner. People are being quarantined but they still need to go out to buy the essentials such as groceries, face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and various other daily stuff. 

Among all their spending during this pandemic, majority of amount is spent on groceries for example people in United Kingdom spent a record amount on groceries. India has been under complete lock down and people can only got out only if there's an emergency. Due to a large population and high demand, many people are not able to buy groceries due to either to lack of access or lack of availability. 

Domino's Pizza in collaboration with ITC Foods introduced Domino's Essentials where tried to solve the problem of lack of groceries and reinforced isolation by delivering groceries essentials at customer's doorstep. The number of cases of people being infected in India is continuously rising and at this point leaving house to even buy groceries can be dangerous to people themselves and their surroundings. Domino's Pizza  implemented a smart strategy where due to lack of demand of their primary offerings they tried to stay afloat during the crisis and altered their business model which helped the people working for Domino's Pizza to earn money and also satisfied the need of the hour problem.

I think if this is implemented at a global level, it will not only satisfy the needs of the customers but also aid in uplifting the economy. Lesser and lesser people will go out on roads to buy essentials and instead their needs will be fulfilled right at their doorstep. Major companies such as Pizza Hut, Domino's India, Papa Johns and many others can work in partnerships which will help them cover a larger geographical region.

What is the need are you focusing on?

Social Distancing and Isolation are one of key driving factors for flattening the curve. In the current scenario, leaving the task can seem like entering a war zone and the best way to contain the virus is by isolation. There's a huge increase in demand of essentials and people in UK have spent a record amount of money on groceries. Also, with rise in number of cases, it is necessary to even avoid going outside to buy groceries and alternative methods needs to be set up in place which solves the consumers problem.

What is the best example of business adaption you’ve seen in response to COVID-19?

Domino's Pizza has started delivering groceries in India in collaboration with ITC Foods.

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