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The Global Impact Group Project: Volunteer Surge

We are supplementing healthcare worker support at a rate faster than the spread of COVID-19 by training citizen volunteers.

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As our country works to flatten the “curve” of COVID-19, and as we anticipate a second wave of hospitalizations, we are living through an unknown length of time in a pandemic. 

How do we efficiently and effectively “spike” the curve of trained healthcare workers to outpace the current strain on our country’s healthcare systems?

Problems to Solve:

1) provide continuity of care through temporary and long-term supplemental healthcare workers

2) connect vulnerable populations with supplemental healthcare workers who can provide a variety of support (from mental health support to physical health support)

3) increase healthcare capacity to match the increased number of health inquiries on the periphery of the healthcare system (non-urgent cases)


We are increasing healthcare worker support at a rate faster than the spread of COVID-19. Our solution is implemented in three chronological stages.

1. Education and training: We are providing free, accessible education and training to encourage citizen volunteers to register for healthcare worker opportunities. The online curriculum consists of checkpoints that result in a certificate. Currently, there are three training tracks, from simple telesupport to on-site community healthcare work.

2. Registration in a worker portal using the obtained training. Individuals can apply within the opportunity database for registered needs, both volunteer and paid. 

3. Immediate assignment application of training (remotely and/or on-site)

What is the need are you focusing on?

Our healthcare system is under a massive strain as the majority of health professionals exclusively address COVID-related issues. This has left a significant gap in available care for vulnerable populations. Our project provides relief and support for vulnerable populations experiencing increased and acute social isolation during the pandemic. Primarily: homebound seniors, people with disabilities, and acute care cases. We are creating support for these populations by recruiting citizen volunteers, also addressing their needs for: 1. Economic opportunity: work stability and quality & streamlined work access 2. Community service: creating civic and democratic engagement through volunteer opportunities 3. Mental health and well-being: support worker autonomy and agency in a holistic and fulfilling manner, improving psychological well-being 4. Intrinsic satisfaction: providing an empowered feeling of contribution & accomplishment by offering tangibly impactful opportunities

What is the best example of business adaption you’ve seen in response to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has forced technology companies, whether by necessity or by true empathy, into realizing the need to expand their services in order to enable a new demographic (people 50+) that may otherwise never have embraced or acquired the technology of today. Tech companies, prompted by COVID-19, have pivoted to broadening the accessibility of their services and embraced the older adult demographic. As a result, more “boomers” are on Zoom than ever before. More senior citizens are connected, with the use of today’s technology, with their kids and grandkids than ever before. AARP wrote in “2019 Tech Trends and the 50+” that 115 million Americans over 50 represent a huge market for tech (projecting $84 billion spent on tech products by 2030). This statement is now truer than ever. A sector that classically caters to the young has opened its eyes to the needs and desires of all ages.

What is your profession?

Day job: Project Manager at a Mental Health Tech Startup Side hustles: Founder & CEO of a national nonprofit; Human-centered design thinking projects

Where are you located (country)?

The United States of America

Where are you located (region)?

  • North America

Which industry do you work in?

  • Activist/Community Leader/Organizer
  • Athletics/Fitness/Wellness
  • Communications/Visual Design
  • Customer Experience/Service
  • Entrepreneur/Investor
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Non-Profit/Philanthropy
  • Self Employed
  • Technology

Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your submission? Are you participating in these efforts?

We are collaborating with a consortium of NGOs and for-profit companies to market the Volunteer Surge opportunity. We are actively communicating with a variety of organizations to improve user experience and streamline volunteer processes.


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