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Support your Local Artist

My contribution is providing a voice for the small business of artists.

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What is the need are you focusing on?

There are artists, designers, or photographers who operate their own small business while working a full or part time job to support them. With COVID-19 affecting jobs, these artists now rely on their small business to bring in their income. It's important to remember small business need support to continue thorough this pandemic.

What is the best example of business adaption you’ve seen in response to COVID-19?

Social Media is a big impact in our generation and we are relying on it even more now to virtually connect with each other during this quarantine. Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok are current social media platforms that help spread artists’ small business and talents to everyone as possible, which they are relying on it now more than ever. Artists can be seen running commissions, as their source of income, that could be found on their Instagram and Twitter profiles. Posts of their projects can be seen and people can repost their work to help grow their business in hopes of people buying their creations. With Tik Tok, it provides the artist an opportunity in making time laps video of them creating their projects for everyone to observe.

What is your profession?

I currently an undergraduate student.

Where are you located (country)?

United States of America

Where are you located (region)?

  • North America

Which industry do you work in?

  • Student

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