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This solution would allow people to gather in couples or groups of friends to watch a movie while not getting any contact with any stranger.

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Social distancing means a great shock for cinema. Its business model would face new and strict regulation that would certainly increase the price of tickets, reducing cinema attractiveness when compared to on-demand platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc.We propose a renewal of the concept of cinema by combining a karaoke hermetic like box and a massive screen at the front or center (up to the infrastructure size). Tickets would be more expensive than cinema ones because they would include food and beverage. Independent movies, Entertainment acts, E-Sports and Popular TV Series, etc. If this business model loses popularity after the vaccine, it can transform into a karaoke, bar or cafe.

What is the need are you focusing on?

People do need to socialize. Post covid world would mean being more careful when gathering with strangers, but not with your pals or loved ones. You trust them and with the adequate health control and measures, it would be fun to share the cinema experience close to them; while seeing and listening to other people's reactions but not getting close to them. Every box would have an entrance door, clear glass (and a feature to cover it in opacity), a small tv so you can watch at the content in a more private way, a tablet with an expendable pencil so you can order additional food/beverage, and a medium in/out entrance so trays can be delivered.

What is the best example of business adaption you’ve seen in response to COVID-19?

There are no programmed openings for this type of business, instead we are facing mass layoffs in that industry.

What is your profession?

Team of 4 MBA candidates at Pacifico Business School (Peru). Karla (Systems Eng), Michael (Industrial Eng), Karlo (Business Adm) and Jean (Economist)

Where are you located (country)?


Where are you located (region)?

  • Latin America and the Caribbean

Which industry do you work in?

  • Academia/Research
  • Business/Consulting
  • Student
  • Transportation

Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your submission? Are you participating in these efforts?

Not at all.


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