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CCS Innovation, Helps Small Communities Access Safe Water and Avoid Contact When Washing Hands

Make water available at health posts, clinics, in water stressed areas, and for the people using Rainwater tanks for safe hand washing

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CCS Innovation, Helps Small Communities and rural health centres  Access Safe Water and Avoid Contacting covid-19 When Washing Hands

Handwashing and water will be extremely important to control Coronavirus. Isingiro is one of the water stressed areas in Uganda where people will never get water for handwashing.

Our idea is to make a proposal  to construct rainwater tanks to collect and store rainwater from house roof catchments and be used for safe handwashing and awareness on social distancing, no shaking hands and hugging.

Our priority is to have water at rural health posts, clinics,  but also for the people to increase water availability for handwashing and personal hygiene.

One of the precautions of avoiding the spread of the coronavirus is the care in touching surfaces such as taps. We have been faced with the dilemma of touching the tap while washing our hands. It is one of the many easy ways the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted.

Centre for Community Solidarity ( CCS) from Isingiro is solving this major problem.

Using locally available resources and simple skills, CCS has designed a simple technology to help rural communities in Isingiro with a safer and unique handwashing system for small communities and at heath centre.   Rainwater tanks are easily made using cement, welded mesh chicken wire,waterproof and design it in a cylindrical shape and fix on a tap. when finished ,gutters are fixed on the house to mobilised water from the roof catchment to the tank for storage ready for use.The process take seven day and this tank will serve post coronavirus crisis to mitigate the pandemics'  impacts. Communities are very willing to contribute to costs and participate in these tanks construction.Construction skills are simple to learn    They are cost effective, affordable, easily replaceable, sustainable with simple O and M.

The  concept design of handwashing technology  involves opening and closing the tap with a foot working down a lever system is being used and is currently being rolled out in communities, homes, offices, business places, markets, and need to scale it up

Watch how it works

Attached is  small video clip

What is the need are you focusing on?

Water situation in rural Isingiro Uganda Isingiro district is the most water stressed area in Uganda. Water coverage is approximately 21% and this is for the urban. Rural communities in Isingiro district are in desperate need of clean water for their everyday survival..women and children walk 3-6k to fetch dirty water. Water is very scarce. With the outbreak of covid-19 these communities are at a risk because as is not easy to access safe water. So is a big gap to address In developing countries the clinics and heath centre are ill equipped with no water at these stations. Hygiene and sanitation is in a sorry state This is why Centre for community Solidarity (CCS ) is coming up with the idea of constructing rainwater tanks to collect the rainwater from the roof catchments be stored and be used for washing hands in this crisis CCS has again seen it imperative to introduce a safer way of handwashing by designing a new system of water delivery for handwashing as explained above.

What is the best example of business adaption you’ve seen in response to COVID-19?

Construction of rainwater tanks involving the communities is a viable business.They have formed group .Save together,. When collections ae equivalent to the cost of a tank , using a lottery method the select a member to benefit wit a tank Houses are already in place .It is a mater of constructing a rainwater tank on it, When it rains . water is available in the tank for handwashing. It is practically impossible to talk of handwashing without water settlements This time of coronavirus crisis can be used them for making water tanks. As a matter of urgency in planning to procure the protectives and equipping health facilities it is equally very important to install water where it is lacking and assist the rural communities access safe water for handwashing once water is available . communities will be trained on safe handwashing, behavioral change on ,social distancing and stop hands shaking and hugging Tarpaulin tanks are easy to make, are cheap and their O and M simple,

What is your profession?

Social Worker

Where are you located (country)?


Where are you located (region)?

  • Eastern Africa

Which industry do you work in?

  • Social Work

Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your submission? Are you participating in these efforts?

Yes, Centre for community has been working with community women groups to access safe water at their homes by constructing rainwater tanks. CCS has been getting support fro Christian World Services(CWS) of New Zealand,Archinoah Foundation and Fackt of Germany On the outbreak of covid-19 they are closely together, giving us support , information, encouragement updates on how to liase with our communities to stop the spread of the deadly epidemic


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