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"Todos Más Cerca". A free commercial guide to help reactivate the economy.

We want to reactivate the economy through the concept of helping each other. Buying local and helping from the neighborhood to the world.

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Where are you located (country)?


Where are you located (city or town)?


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  • An individual

If part of an organization or group, what is the name?

Optimus Social

What is your organization or group’s website? (If applicable)

How does your proposed solution support emerging middle-class families in urban areas in the Global South to adapt and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our platform is a free online commercial guide where any business can register for free, and the user can find any product or service they want with a segmentation radius of 1 km around, promoting the principle of collaboration from the neighborhood.

What stage of development is your Idea in?

  • Pilot: I have started to implement the solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

What tier are you applying to?

  • Global South Open Prize Tier: Open to submissions focused on any country in the Global South, at any stage of development.

Do you intend to implement your idea in Peru?

  • Yes

In what countries do you expect to implement your idea initially (in the first 2 years)?

Ecuador, México, Colombia, Perú, España, Argentina, Panamá.

Feasibility: where are you with understanding the feasibility of your idea? Describe what you’ve accomplished to date, what barriers to implementation might exist, and what next steps you plan to take.

We have registered more than 7 thousand businesses. We have started operations in five cities in Ecuador and in two cities in Mexico. We have registered more than 69 thousand users and more than 120 thousand interactions with the platform. We have received awards in Ecuador, Mexico and Spain. The limitation we have is the economic issue, we have done everything with our own financing and the platform consumes technological resources and requires advertising, so we require investment to continue advancing.We have many improvement plans, payment button, chatbot, integration with delivery, etc.

Viability: what needs to be true for you to be able to implement your idea? What stakeholders, partnerships and resources might be required to implement this solution?

We need the support of governments, small business associations, private companies. The platform is a tool for the execution of our idea, which is the economic reactivation from the neighborhoods.

Adaptability: how does your idea adapt to frequent changes within the context you are implementing, due to COVID-19? Consider the rapidly shifting government policies, and healthcare economic realities that might influence end users.

Our idea adapts easily to the reality we live in, at first, due to the quarantine the platform helped people to buy without having to move, today that the restrictions are less, the principle is maintained, but with an emphasis on buying local to reactivate the economy. The intention is to continue avoiding crowds in large supermarkets and to help small local businesses.

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Bienvenido a la plataforma de OpenIDEO Andrés Dueñas ! Gracias por compartir tu idea con el mundo esperamos puedas conectar con otros y seguir desarrollando tu proyecto.