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Redistributing Surplus Unused or Un-opened, Unexpired Medicine to those who need it the Most

Access to quality lifesaving medicine to uninsured, under insured & low-income communities by redistributing surplus unused and unexpired

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Last Mile Medicine

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How does your proposed solution support emerging middle-class families in urban areas in the Global South to adapt and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As the virus has ravaged communities, the healthcare industry has faced a need for patient engagement tools, and medication assistance programs as patients with PRE- EXISTING CONDITIONS have either been unable or unwilling to use traditional healthcare services. Understandably, nobody wants to sit in a waiting room where there is a chance of another patient having the infection but, the healthcare, and pharmacy network, have expressed concerns over the repercussions in terms of disease management and medication adherence. Our solutions generate insights that enable pharmaceutical manufacturers, consumer healthcare companies and public sector to:Collaborate more effectively with pharmacies,Heighten pharmacy professional education,Understand pharmacy professional behavior and Increase product visibility to Increase medication knowledge.We are filling critical gaps, amassing new data sets and overcoming the complexities inherent in centralized processes.By connecting the dots along the entire healthcare supply chain we enhance:Access ,Affordability , Adherence and proper drug disposal

What stage of development is your Idea in?

  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

What tier are you applying to?

  • Global South Open Prize Tier: Open to submissions focused on any country in the Global South, at any stage of development.

Do you intend to implement your idea in Peru?

  • Yes

In what countries do you expect to implement your idea initially (in the first 2 years)?

Eastern Africa countries

Feasibility: where are you with understanding the feasibility of your idea? Describe what you’ve accomplished to date, what barriers to implementation might exist, and what next steps you plan to take.

Medications is one of the most effective health interventions especially with people with Non Communicable disease (NCD). They live and survive by taking medicine.The current experience is usually drug stock-outs/expiry of drugs due to challenges in procurement & delays in drug deliveries. To the uninsured and under insured low income patient they are cash starved to stick to prescription and sometimes conflicted with other competing needs like the need to feed on balance diet or paying school fees for family. Paying for health care bill leads to one to fall into the poverty line. High cost of drugs due to fragmented market of pharmaceutical supply chain causing high markups in drugs prices.This has been devastated by COVID-19 health and economic shock for majority poor. Lastmile med is online platform matchmaking for unopened, unexpired medicines from a pharmaceutical from all the way from manufacturer with the needs of patients in safety net who are uninsured or under insured and coordinates all logistics including itemized drug manifests, tracking and shipping.This will go along way in curbing proliferation of counterfeit drugs to poor who are price sensitive and susceptible to counter medication. We aims changing the regulated medicine disposition process to permanently convert medicine destroyers into medicine donors, reducing environmental and water body waste and providing life-saving medicines to those in need the most.

Viability: what needs to be true for you to be able to implement your idea? What stakeholders, partnerships and resources might be required to implement this solution?

Our goal for the next 12 months is to move from prototype to piloting phase through partnerships with local/international manufacturers,research organisation, public/private health facilities and procurement departments of faith-based organisations/NGOs, Foundation.Access to finance and additional tech expertise to help us integrate some of the notable advance technology including blockchain solutions being in the trace-ability & tracking of pharmaceutical products such as Viant,FarmaTrust and MediLedger. This will help improve product provenance within our platform making quality control compliance more efficient.

Adaptability: how does your idea adapt to frequent changes within the context you are implementing, due to COVID-19? Consider the rapidly shifting government policies, and healthcare economic realities that might influence end users.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry uniquely, but one challenge that has been felt universally is communication. Amid the lockdowns, communication has been put to the test and we have all begun to realize the value that technology can afford us.The pandemic has disrupted service delivery and diverted human resources for health (HRH) to provide COVID-19-related services. However, essential services and Non-COVID services (e.g. Non communicable diseases (NCDs), urgent care, and emergencies) still need to be sustained as we are seeing foregone care, decreased equitable access, and reduced essential service utilization.


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