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Where are you located (country)?


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  • An organization

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How does your proposed solution support emerging middle-class families in urban areas in the Global South to adapt and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic?

PIDE creates a mutual support network within a district or community generating: - Increase income to small businesses through delivery channel and in turn receive training to provide an excellent experience and protection. - Protect neighbors within a district who want to purchase products, preventing them from leaving their homes and having an optimal delivery service for these times of COVID-19. - Increase income to residents who seek to earn income within a district, avoiding long distance travel and with health and safety measures. In Lima, according to INEI, 1.2 million people were unemployed. Many people make long trips to work which creates a lot of crowds and traffic. Those long commute times could generate income and spend quality time at home. Today, this delivery option does not reach more than 50% of Lima population or the provinces. There are people who, thanks to their creativity, do it, but there are not many. PIDE seeks to reach many more people and so that businesses, the people who carry out the delivery, can generate greater income and avoid contagion.

What stage of development is your Idea in?

  • Initial Design: I am exploring the idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

What tier are you applying to?

  • LatAm Mid- to Advanced-Stage Prize Tier: Open to submissions focused on the Latam region, and particularly in Peru, that are prototyping, piloting, or scaling their idea. If not based in Peru, must be willing to partner with a local player in Peru to implement their project.

Do you intend to implement your idea in Peru?

  • Yes

In what countries do you expect to implement your idea initially (in the first 2 years)?


Feasibility: where are you with understanding the feasibility of your idea? Describe what you’ve accomplished to date, what barriers to implementation might exist, and what next steps you plan to take.

1. We have conducted research to understand how the market currently works. Today several people make their own delivery and have YAPE that allows you to make online payments at no cost. We have a basic prototype and some points to improve to make high fidelity prototype, test it and start developing it. 2. Our barrier would be to get the product to people and train them.

Viability: what needs to be true for you to be able to implement your idea? What stakeholders, partnerships and resources might be required to implement this solution?

Communicate with market leaders, point of sale owners, people interested in delivering, promoting ourselves on social media and spreading word of mouth. We would not charge commission until we have at least 2500 active users.

Adaptability: how does your idea adapt to frequent changes within the context you are implementing, due to COVID-19? Consider the rapidly shifting government policies, and healthcare economic realities that might influence end users.

1. Starting to go digital to businesses in sectors with medium and low resources helps to continue innovating with them. 2. It helps to avoid the spread of the virus by agglomeration, nowadays, they only allow delivery on Sundays and many businesses do not do it and lose money.


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