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MUSAK es una iniciativa que permite a las agricultoras de café y cacao afectadas acceder a su mercado de manera directa pese al contexto

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Where are you located (country)?


Where are you located (city or town)?

LIMA but working in Amazonas, Cajamarca, San Martín y Junín.

You are submitting as:

  • An individual

If part of an organization or group, what is the name?

Group called Global Women Empowerment

What stage of development is your Idea in?

  • Prototype: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

What tier are you applying to?

  • Global South Open Prize Tier: Open to submissions focused on any country in the Global South, at any stage of development.

Do you intend to implement your idea in Peru?

  • Yes

In what countries do you expect to implement your idea initially (in the first 2 years)?

Peru After 3 years Colombia we want to sell also in Europe and Asya.

Feasibility: where are you with understanding the feasibility of your idea? Describe what you’ve accomplished to date, what barriers to implementation might exist, and what next steps you plan to take.

Since July 2018, the project is ongoing; the first months the project idea and training materials were planned and developed. From 2019, with the support of professional volunteers, the training module 1 and 2 were implemented. The first months we worked with 2 organizations, then 2 more were incorporated and in the last months 2 more organizations joined the project. We have been able to implement modules 1 and 2 with 6 organizations. Three of them (2 organizations of cocoa producers and 1 organization of coffee producers) already have value-added products ready to go to the market (at least 2 products for each organization). Likewise, they are working on the transformation of 3 more products derived from the residual materials of coffee and cocoa production (honeys, husks, fruit rinds) to produce 2 product lines: ● Foods to combat malnutrition derived from honey and coffee fruits such as coffee mucilage honey and cocoa, instant powder of coffee cherry. ● Biodegradable products for coffee and cocoa chains free of plastic and Styrofoam, such as packaging, cups, etc. En total en el 2019, hemos realizado 41 actividades entre talleres y asesorías individualizadas. Este ha sido un arduo trabajo, pues ha significado trabajo previo para nosotras, así como seguimiento continuo We are trying to develop the third module now through the implementation of the MUSAK platform, but due to the availability of funds and the context we are living in now, we continue to strive for resu

Viability: what needs to be true for you to be able to implement your idea? What stakeholders, partnerships and resources might be required to implement this solution?

The use of specialized technology is not required for the generation of new products. The technology required to carry out the coffee and cocoa process and the derived products from these fruits is already properly owned and managed by the women of the organized groups with whom we work on the project.

Adaptability: how does your idea adapt to frequent changes within the context you are implementing, due to COVID-19? Consider the rapidly shifting government policies, and healthcare economic realities that might influence end users.

De otro lado, estamos trabajando en la construcción de la plataforma MUSAK, pues ya tenemos listos 2 grupos para insertarlas al mercado a partir de esta plataforma. La plataforma web resulta ser un medio de ventas más que necesario debido al contexto que se atraviesa mediante el cual se puede alcanzar a los clientes a distancia y manteniendo las medidas de bioseguridad.

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Hola! Me parece súper válida la idea en este contexto. Las mujeres son grandes emprendedoras y empoderarlas con más conocimiento dará grandes frutos. Me gustaría conocer más sobre los talleres que realizan!!