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Virtual pantry breaks during work from home

How to inspire co workers during work from home.

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Great place to work. Happy Faces. High energy. 

A normal routine day in our office can be lot of fun. Working together in a team means a lot of positivity with the co workers around. What happens when there is a forced WFH ? We start missing those small breaks, pantry station conversations, lil disturbances, jokes and lot of laughter. Few things that makes an office a happy place. At home you are alone, talking to yourself, trying to think while working on the laptop and phone. Its a work atmosphere which we try to create at home to be productive at the same time we miss regular general office chit chats. These work breaks are as much important as the work itself. And WFH, a dog barking in the background or a kid walking in during an important strategy meet is now the new normal. How do we navigate these changes happening around our virtual workplace ?

Enter - Virtual office breaks

Some of the office colleagues thought how can we bring together the team and have have a virtual conference call on just about nothing. Aptly titled "Timepass", this call was about no topic as such. Bunch of us joined the call just to check on each other, crack some jokes, pull someone's leg and voila someone also sang a song. Seriously ? Yeah dude it was fun. 30 mins is all it took to get all of us see each other, hear each other and spread some positivity around us. Cool no ?

We are in this together and we will overcome this too. And when we do that it's not going to be without fun. We all need fun at our workplace and in virtual offices too.

So what the flip side, we have a daily Timepass virtual call now and no one is complaining :) 

Who knows it could become a virtual chai point or virtual lunch. 

Aaj khane mein kya hai ?


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