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Very clear instructions

Danish government's first frames were too broad and open for interpretation. After failing for days they made clear what you can and can´t

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2 different kind: 

A- How to use alcohol gel. Tho WHO communication has been clear, they were not clear about the use of alcohol gel, which I have seen people using it as a miraculous cure and in the wrong way, possible spreading the virus further due to the wrong way of using. I saw a video about soap and how and why it works and talked about how and when to use alcohol this changed my attitude and made me visualize me killing the virus while washing my hands and prefer soap over the alcohol gel when it is possible.

B- How open data confuse the narrative. The Danish government was very open on the frames around the restrictions due to the Pandemia, that translated in a very broad interpretation by people in Denmark. I saw from people insolating themselves from the beginning to people still doing their normal lives but just working from home. They would still go to big gatherings during the weekend or use this extra time to meet with friends that haven´t seen for a while. The open frames that the government gave brought people to fight and become angry with each other due to this different way of seeing the government decision. Only yesterday, after a week of frustration from the government, the media and citizens, the prime minister gave clear frames around what is possible to do and what is not. The new frame is measurable and not open for interpretation. The change in the attitude of the people changed radically and the people outside dropped immediately. A clear list of measurable actions and do and do not is the best way to bring a clear message in confusing times. 

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A- How to use alcohol gel. The video about the soap and the alcohol gel encouraged me to wash my hands more due that it was very clear why and how it was killing the virus. 

B- The clear communication with a list of what we can and cannot do make me very clear about how to structure my days knowing what is possible and what is not, as well as stopping the fights with friends because there is no space for interpretation of what is being said that we are able to do outside our homes

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Where are you getting information around COVID-19?

  • National Government
  • News: Television
  • News: Digital
  • WHO (World Health Organization)

What information do you feel you are missing about COVID-19?

The study from the US that is saying it is airborne and the WHO saying is not, it is giving confusion around the virus and can encourage mistrust

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

This is the pandemic paradox, people that are not being addressed are the ones that are not affected, but let them see the first bag with a body or officials with big yellow plastic suits and they will stop joking about it

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I use to be a lawyer and political scientist in Chile and now I am a Kaospilot & Strategic Designer

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