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Unfortunately there hasn't been one thing. It's been pieced together by so many different resources that eventually shape a story. A few things that stand out: the WHO Press Briefings have been honest and factual. The Science briefings that Chris Whitty and the Science team give in the UK have also been very helpful. Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US gives bad news empathetically and factually, he builds trust.

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All of the science, coupled with memes and jokes and images that went viral showing the ways in which people were responding to social distancing suddenly made it feel like "this is serious." + "everyone is doing this." Social Proof in action.

Did this resource motivate you to change your behaviors?

  • Yes

In what ways did you change your behaviors as a result of this resource?

I took more precautions - went out less, even for food. Stopped sending my kids to the playground even before they were closed. Stopped questioning the decision to close schools, even though we had very few cases where I live.

Did you share this information with your network?

  • Yes

In what ways did you share this information?

I shared anything useful, illuminating, factual and clear with my friends and family who were looking for something to trust.

Where are you getting information around COVID-19?

  • News: Digital
  • Social Media
  • WHO (World Health Organization)

What information do you feel you are missing about COVID-19?

Really practical things: 

Do masks/gloves cause more good than harm? 

How do you self-isolate at home? 

How do you take care of elderly parents if you've had to travel to get to them? 

What is the average timeframe between onset of mild to severe symptoms? 

If there is an emergency, what are my options for travel to get to a loved one?

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

The truly vulnerable. Not just the older and immuno-compromised populations, but the people who cannot socially distance, who cannot afford to stay home and work, who cannot self-isolate with an abuser. The people who cannot home school their kids. The current messaging now is for the privileged. 

What is your current profession?

Director, Common Thread

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In what country are you located?


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It is important to realize by the people around us that Covid-19 should not be underestimated. Making decisions must be smart and fast, because regret never comes up front.