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The livestream IS the event

A music tour switched to streaming on several platforms; kept the hype going, sold merch and got virtual engagement from the crowd.

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While much of the communication about events or from event venues has been to announce postponements or cancellations during these trying times, music producer Marc Rebillet (who usually does live shows in front of crowds) announced he would be livestreaming his music during the dates he was supposed to be on tour in Australia. 

He planned several dates and times (Australia time!) for the streaming and opened his online tour merchandise store and his phone line...

The fact that he remains extremely positive and hyped up about the stream gets people excited, despite the fact that the original shows are technically postponed just as much as any other event. People still feel able to support him by sending tips or buying the merchandise, and people across different countries are able to watch the same event; which they would not have been able to do had it been a regular tour. 

COVID also inspired his improvised lyrics in a humoristic way.

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I don't usually tune in to streaming events because it often feels like a so-so replacement or an afterthought to the real thing, but Marc Rebillet's enthusiasm is contagious and the fact that the stream WAS the main experience made it exciting to tune in. I found myself wishing more types of events were this enthusiastic about or focused on streaming live.

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Reposted on social media (Instagram)

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  • Local Government
  • News: Digital
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What conditions are required for things to return to a normal enough state...our country isn't quite in crisis yet and has only been taking preventive measures but everything is so up in the air. We don't really know what numbers are a good sign or at least a sign that not everything is as bad as it could be. 

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

People who have a cognitive disability, or even children; basically people who might be struggling to understand why things are different and why they can't do what they usually like to do. Livestreamed high (or low) profile events could help with isolation some of them (and others) might feel, especially if they can interact with the people involved while they are engaged.

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UX Designer

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