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The Bill Jordan Project is a 501c3 based in CA

This is a system for the distant future so that we are beyond prepared a long time from now worldwide for our seniors and compromised.

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This is a concept for distant or not so distant future application if we want.

I'm not going to try and write this to completion in one attempt as this will take time to complete as this is based on concept prototype theory.  It will take edits.  It will take data, testing, and results for a proof.

  • In the distant future if our civilization wants to be fully prepared to care for our immune compromised, our seniors, our officials of course in a complete manner as there is only one way to get it totally right as we now are aware fully the extent of our vulnerabilities.  
  • We can build full air supply housing for seniors once their doctor decides they qualify for full air supply housing in case of emergency.
  • These houses would be the same as any other house with the seniors decision on furniture and items they are familiar with from when they were younger or however the tenet chooses within standards set.
  • These could be air tight capable with air support.  Fully capable for this type of crisis in mind.  They can stay vacant and be in tandem with their familiar housing and not used unless emergency.  Under review we might want them being used and tested with retro-fits that seal windows from outside air and contaminants.  No they would have to be sealed for emergency only use and it is worth it as our seniors are so valuable and these losses hurt like this at once.  It could be an option.
  • After testing I would build min. 10,000 units to start in key locations for logistics.  
  • This would take a complete team with innovative thinking applicable.
  • These houses would also be prepared for this type of event in mind.  The future can decide how exactly they would want them.
  • Complete filtration systems.  Same as Space Station Technology.  
  • They could be bullet proof technology.  They would have 18 months of supplies stockpiled same as Mars set up with Space X plans.  We could re-purpose Space X plans to apply with cost measures cut from that plan as we go for some houses as we practice colony making here first.
  • As soon as quarantine is applied we simply take them to their bio-secure units for preliminary quarantine before they enter the main house.  This Pre-House would have the same furniture and all needs met to standards and technology.
  • Zero Carbon if possible.  An 18 month quarantine can be accomplished easily even if the power goes out and the sewer.  Two sewer systems - one on standby and alternate like the old tech trucks with dual tank fuel systems.
  • Methane Digestor technology has now been improved by a Pennsylvania University in regards to safety from my memory of research that can have a QC for safety that then powers the houses completely with unlimited hot water at no cost for the fuel to heat.

Now I want to say this.  There is more.  Much more to add to this.

We can do this.  We don't have to wait forever to start.  

There is a website I researched called, "Pig Poop Powers the Netherlands."  The technology is here.  There is a dairy somewhere here in the U.S. in the middle of the country doing this and powering all operations via methane.  This technology has been deemed dangerous in the past and it may well have been.  

We can make it QC approved safe with NASA Space X standards within construction combined with dairy production and livestock.  

  • I have done extensive research on this and am sharing my cards in this vital time while we have so many in a tough spot.  They would want me to share.  It can be for them.  So don't steal it.  Be up front and honest.  I know this isn't the world we used to live in but lets go.
  • This livestock operation is run by helpers like Mister Rodgers. --->  Their diets have to be considered.  This is also a food project.  Eggs are good and safe in emergency operations as chickens and fowl filter toxins very good.  This is an entire chapter condensed here to write out at some point based on research and variety of options available for those who have a say so and are doing the living in them.  I would go with eggs and stockpile organic oatmeal to start.  A chicken isn't eaten unless that decision is made and the disaster is looking better outside.  Every decision is critical in these moments.  Don't open a container without thinking twice, "Am I ready to open this much?"  Amounts.  Do I take two out of the freezer or one.  There could be more than one person in each house somehow.  Normally we eat this much, but since we're in a disaster we'll start out slow and gradual and get hungry early on then catch up and repeat.  Totally similar to those in the past who crossed the Oceans under sail.  Composite.  Combine the tools of the past with the tech of the future but all organic in consideration if possible down to the use of insulation and paint zero off gas.  These people may be able to live longer then we think so far in the future.  We don't want to chance anything with them.  Lets build for someone else rather than ourselves all the time.  We do it for those in the past.
  • The helpers are living in secondary stable units with third string for back-up and so on.  We'll dial this in as we go. --->
  • Each phase can be gradually less advanced to start and can be improved at times the economies are doing good and slow progress in other times.  Don't expect it to go smooth forever.  It takes time and effort.
  • These people would have a ret. doctor living close by or even in a unit with same tech but a portal to avoid unnecessary bothering.  Those doctors work via technology with other patients globally for their main work.

I'll build on this as we go.  If there is interest in this let me know.  Such a long term investment just be sure it is done right during construction.  Stages.  I'm very picky about construction methods and protocol.  Nothing gets built without tea and breaks.  Nothing gets built without the planet in consideration as far as footprint thought.  At the same time, this is built quickly enough or whenever there is weather it is entirely protected during construction built mobile to start in a shop exactly the same as if we were building Space X level equipment.  I don't like to break ground as with Mongol tech where they don't like to use a tent stake.  So there is alot to think about here.  Don't just jump out there and start digging.  More research with a panel that is quick but doesn't hurry.


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Helpers who can do this using advanced QC standards even a step above all current standards within top of the line aircraft construction and Space tech protocols.

I have experience in this field with composite work on experimental aircraft and certified production aircraft that have been retro-fitted to more efficient fuel saver tech by lightening them up with fiberglass and carbon fiber pre-preg 7781 phenolic honeycomb pvc bevel border with vacuum 440 oven ramp up ramp down.

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I will email it to Yankee Composites for starters.

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  • Local Government
  • National Government
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We'll have a good idea about this as we look back to our stern to see where we've been navigating to where we are going as with sailboat navigation in modern times and days of old timers.

I've had ideas with other ideas for some time discussions with colleagues when I was working experimental composite work and other production settings. 

I can think of a major one right here with a key word within a paragraph away. 

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

Seniors and immune or respiratory concern individuals can team up in these houses for success if it ever happens again.  We have to live prepared or come up with an idea.  

This idea is long term projected lets say 2050 but I know we can work much quicker easily if we set our minds to it for the right cause.  Go towards 2065 for the sake of our Social Security as a reminder of Bio-Security.

The Bio-Security Proposal.

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Nonprofit Manager

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Middletown, CA

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United States of America


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This technology would greatly enhance your project - -electrostatic-fields

Photo of Bill Jordan

Hi Koldun,
I know you tried.
I didn't forget about you.
The material and info you sent is still being looked over.
It has been rec'd. I don't know the status yet. ---> Bill

Photo of Koldun Victor

As soon as we pass the "acute" phase of quarantine - we will begin experimental work together with experts from Lviv State University of Life Safety

Photo of Bill Jordan

Hi Koldun,
"Acute" phase is very difficult but there are mind over matter type tools to that you already know. I have filed your text and transferred. ---> Bill

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