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An experimental tool especially in battery tech as a high powered heat gun(industrial blow dryer or hair dryer) not for getting close to.

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In the experimental and certified aircraft industry we use high powered industrial heat guns which is what they are called by composite tech and aviation engineers.

These tools of the trade are always plugged in for use at production stations that have been converted to build ventilator parts at this time.  I'm not sure they're using those heat guns a whole lot at this time but they may very well be.  I dont know their lay-up schedules for exact production in this crisis.

  • I have never seen battery tech that can run this device mobile.
  • These tools are plugged in at stations with holders so as not to get burned at least not on purpose.
  • These heat guns can kill virus and be an alternative to hand sanitizer or used very carefully on items handled similar to fire sanitation in old times.  The history of fire as a tool.
  • If these could mobilize on things like touch points that can withstand heat ---> then.
  • Never hold a heat gun in one spot.  Always moving starting fast then gradually slow but never sit still with a heat gun as it ruins the surface quickly on high setting.  It has a very useful low setting.
  • Low setting can be used closer and is good for learning the tech.
  • We can train.

This new composite heat gun will be mobilized and have stations fanned out around the world for emergency with a trainer in place at the stations to instruct quickly as it is understandable.

  • This new composite heat gun may not be possible at this time with the battery tech level that we are at.
  • Secondly I'm not sure sending valuable resources into battery tech is the best idea.
  • We need to discuss battery tech further.
  • I say this because the recipe for building a battery requires valuable (and I don't mean in monetary terms at this moment) resources in materials that can be left alone for reasons that need discussion.
  • If these batteries are already strong enough then that needs discussion but I've never seen a strong enough one small enough for mobile and wiring that's hot isn't smart.  We're better off with this next phase I'll describe.

A current heat gun technology that is exactly what we have now only in emergency we have to be very careful with QC or 2 on site for small teams to teach each other a method of how to plug in even if it takes a generator mobile.  ---> Electricians united with Firefighters for safety recommended simultaneously.

  • This method is Experimental and not recommended but may be a method if QC approval meets standards and proper traveler(instruction sheet similar to model plane in a box only dialed in without 1 mistake), is built properly involving the aircraft construction industry.
  • In the experimental aircraft construction field I say this.  ---> There is only one way to build it right.  There is only one way to build it as fast as possible and still have it pass all QC standards to get the QC stamp approval to reach the next step of the process requirements or the QC will make you back up and it wastes time.  Back up like in take it apart and do it again under a situation when you want to keep going without stopping but that is not an option in this field as lives are on the line.

A household blow dryer is a dual purpose device if the handle is cleaned and levers.

Don't forget the wiring for virus.  I would use a disinfecting wipe strong enough per training.  I would use hand sanitizer per training.  These are if supplies are available.

It has to be clean.  Remember that part of the QC quarantine standards.

These tools would be best opened out of a brand new sealed container that has met quarantine protocol to combat incubation periods.

In an emergency rotate stock to get past 14 day quarantine in an approved sealed container possibly including a simple fan and heat element to speed up time in an emergency.

  • To use the household dryer for this I don't know from lack of tests on this if it is hot enough for long enough and it very well may not be.  It very well may be.  
  • This system is experimental and not recommended however there can be a system built quickly if approval standards are met and all scientific testing is completed with aviation engineer approval without anything not thought of covered in the traveler paperwork. 
  • Paperwork can be digital to avoid contaminated paper.

I may edit this idea when the proper approved data results are in.


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It took me a little bit to fully understand the exact distances and on-times off-times to properly use this tool in combo with an arrowhead rubstick for this trade.

I have to credit the arrowhead design to my brother.  He shared it with me to get me up to speed and save time.

Fellow composite techs can teach others and fan out.

Watch a composite tech work.

It takes time to really comprehend this method.  It isn't as easy as it looks to do this 110% correctly.

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This field requires special skills and the public cannot struggle with this and learn on their own to completely understand the concept and the reasons why.  This requires training.  Some may train faster than others and that is not by any means a way of looking at somebody who didn't pass their QC heat gun class.  It doesn't matter cause someone will pass and we're all in this together.

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The information I'm missing is the scientific data results with testing as this is complicated but simple at the same time.

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There is alot missing here but we will gain data and the scientists and doctors will review.

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