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PPE system for N95 and Cartridge respirators that can have the masks themselves quarantined in order to pass the shelf life of virus 2nduse+

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This is a system that I have practiced in part but never entirely tested and proven while working at Yankee Composites in Lakeport, CA.

This would require further QC and testing.  I never completed the test but I was testing this.  Wearing the respirator 8-10 hours almost entirely besides lunch and fan outs outside.

I would go overboard even back then on virus protection and bio-security.

I would have multiple respirators for the week with each one sunning in a cracked ziplock on the glider trailers outside.  Remember, this is an experimental shop.  I never rec'd the amount of time I needed to cover a 5 day incubation for virus.  But that was the goal.

Here's the idea:

  • 5 or 6 masks to cover 5 or 6 days.  Rick Anderson and I talked about this even though he thought it was way overboard at the time but this is how to do it right.
  • Each day starting with a fresh mask tested and through QC (quality control).  Now lets double that so you can get a new one after lunch if you're going non-stop.
  • So now we're at 12 for the same 5 or 6 days.  
  • This is for one person.
  • So now even for N95 this practice can work.
  • To upgrade from the ziplock ---> a sealed approved chamber with a quarantine system that has a simple fan and to go further a heat element to kill virus.  
  • This is easily possible.
  • Now an approved solution with proper testing and approval processes can speed up shelf time I realize.  Remember though, We're putting this on our face and a solution has to off-gas and I believe still needs some time in the heat box.  Not so hot to damage the equipment.  Testing needed.
  • A QC system in place medical grade with a traveler paperwork attached with sign-offs to be 110% sure of shelf time.  One more step would be 2 QC supervisors stamp system as with technical aircraft construction.  All approval-based and certified for healthcare workers.
  • So each day a healthworker takes out and cuts the serial ID tag that matches the QC traveler attached ---> They are opening a mask that has been in quarantine for the time period stated and has been tested for virus of course in the trials.
  • Now I realize that there are times when the worker has to use a mask and then after just a few minutes with multiple emergencies has to get to another patient where they need a different mask or a fast-paced atmosphere.  ---> At times I would say go ahead and toss it.  Be sure they are allowed to still toss them.  Even after 1 minute at times giving the worker the discretion without judgement.  --->  With that said --->
  • There will need to be an expansion to this for high output situation of course.  This may need to be 100 per worker.  That is for the same 5 or 6 days but they are in quarantine and it is not as inefficient as it sounds.  It is actually more efficient than ever before with throw aways.  But if they have this system in place as labor intensive and space intensive it is requiring additional footsteps that require even a nurse to have a helper for foot traffic, this is still possible and the re-used masks won't be thrown away.
  • The storage facility can be mobile or a building or a pop up hospital style that I would have out of the hospital itself within helper walking distance until there can be an automated shuttle system installed when we get there to begin the shelf storage.
  • We could even eventually go so far as to have zero carbon electric shuttle boxes that zip from location to location with post office technology for logistics[PONY EXPRESS].  This I realize is maxing this idea out if needed but here it is.
  • These helpers would have to be approved and in my opinion would not need the RN title to help and make less steps with the feet conserving energy ---> energy effcient ---> sustainable ---> a little bit more Earth Friendly overall from final viewpoint.

This is an experimental system that requires testing and approval.  

Please forward this asap.

  1. Now as an abundance of precaution ---> we can go with 10 days and still save masks with this system.
  2. We can improve this system as we go greatly.
  3. Looking back we will remember and it won't happen again.

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I would have liked to have completed the testing but we finished the plane quickly.

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A colleague who was and is a certified experimental QC and much more has rec'd this and awaiting his approval stamp.

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  • Local Government
  • National Government
  • News: Television
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Alot but let's not worry about that.  Keep going.

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The information is out there with facts on Gov. Cuomo's webpage in NY along with other places.

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Non-Profit Manager

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Middletown, CA

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