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A PPE system that describes in exact detail of how to suit up in order of operations per traveler specs.

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  • When suiting up in a critical situation with PPE for high level bio-security protocol.
  • (This system is allowed for edits at this time for edits before total completion).
  1. These are your list of essential equipment needs based on level of protection desired.
  2. Sterile Nitrile gloves (unopened box)(including burning two cards off the top of the deck)(which in translation means taking the first two gloves out of the box with the tip of your already scrubbed hands per traveler QC checkpoint instructions.)(Those two cards burned will not go to waste.  Throw nothing away.  Those are saved for a low-level need or dire emergency so stockpile burned cards separately and immediately quarantine for safe keeping at a later time once incubation period is met (14 day minimum)).
  3. Suit up the shoes last.  Start in the middle.  Gown.  Same QC protocol as the gloves burning top two cards off the deck per #2.

3A.  I want to mention that putting on multiple pairs of gloves is okay.  Three pairs max ea. hand.  Two pairs more comfortable and very valuable in a crisis.  Possibly same with other gear gauge the situation.

3B.  Those extra gloves would not be safe at all as bacteria or virus may be trapped between layers.  Omit that.  That is still not to be removed from system.  There may be a situation in crisis emergency as a tool.

4.  Head gear.  Hair ---> Safety Glasses.  --->  Face Sheild.  --->  Adjust to situation and needs with supervisor QC recommendations.

5.  Neck gear.  Not commonly used.

6.  Shoe covers.  Here is definitely two pairs on each foot.  They may rip in footwork.  Two pair are more sturdy and one pair can be removed properly per refer to separate protocol and the second pair down is now fairly clean for this area.

7.  You're now fairly geared up except --->

8.  Your're gloves may be now contaminated.  This is where you remove the second layer of gloves for basic Bio-Security.  

9.  For a more complete system per traveler one pair initially and now remove that pair.  Do not waste this pair of gloves.  This is now very low level use to be quarantined by helpers in an approved QC stamped dated container and stored in a separate location via shuttle system as it is improved upon.

10.  Re-wash scrub hands per traveler QC stamp.

11.  Apply sterile nitrile gloves out of a brand new box burning two cards as per #1.

12.  QC per traveler.

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