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Start simple, let it ripple

Return to the basic and expand it gradually on how to proceed with every part of our life.

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In general, I found several readings related to psychology but not specifically about COVID-19. Then, a youtube video from BrainCraft about adding little certainty resonates with me. There is a lot of productivity tips and how to cope with social distancing articles but I found that video, in particular, encapsulate the reason and the practical thing.

Start from those little things. Make it as easy as possible to do. Stick to it for a while until you don't have to think about it and just clicked right away.

I also suggest piggybacking the new routine to the old routine. As for example: taking a walk directly after brushing teeth or read a book after lunch. 

I think it's a good time to troubleshoot our bad habit and reduce it to the minimum. For most people, it felt like we have more time because we don't have to commute at all.

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