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Understanding the Novel Coronavirus

GoInvo uses a combination of graphics, storyboards, comparison charts and timelines to provide up-to-date information on the coronavirus, how it spreads and what the public can do to mitigate risk to self and others. 

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Did this resource motivate you to change your behaviors?

  • Yes

In what ways did you change your behaviors as a result of this resource?

Visualized through comic book style storyboards, the section dedicated to Your Part teaches best practices related to personal and social hygiene; as well as how to create an action plan to care for self and others. Armed with this information, I feel more confident in my ability to create an action plan, and check in with friends & family to help them develop their own. 

Did you share this information with your network?

  • Yes

In what ways did you share this information?

I shared this information via my bestie text chain and with family through our email updates thread. 

Where are you getting information around COVID-19?

  • Local Government
  • National Government
  • News: Digital
  • News: Radio
  • Employer
  • CDC website

What information do you feel you are missing about COVID-19?

A very clear and frank understanding of how many test kits are actually available to the general public. I want this information county-wide, state-wide, and nation-wide. I have no assurances that if I or someone else falls ill, I can rely on local ability to test for the coronavirus. This lack of transparency creates anxiety. 

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

I don't know what resources are being made available to parents speaking with their children about why they are being required to take off school, take off work, stay at home. I would want to see stories for children that help them take advantage of this time by prompting imaginative play and also helping them process these changes through making and sharing. 

What is your current profession?

I work part-time as a barista and am a full-time student at the Austin Center for Design.

In what city are you located?

Austin, Texas

In what country are you located?

Travis County

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