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Saving resources and transitioning towards sufficiency

Now we are learning to value resources (such as food) which were taken for granted, hence this is an opportunity to rediscover sufficiency.

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As stocks in supermakets and the supply chain are disrupted across Europe, I believe we should all make our best effort to save as much as possible, to consume only the essentials, and to share the essential resources whenever possible. This may be a unique opportunity to move towards sufficiency lifestyles and to return to the 'essence' - to valorize health and life itself. We can live with much less then what we are used to, and this calamity can be an opportunity to transition towards sustainable life-styles. 

We also need to design more resilient and local systems - I think it is evident that globalization is very risky for life itself - we might need to balance this more in the future.

The exponential growth graphs (e.g. from worldometers - see total cases outside China) I believe are very powerfull to understand the severity of the problem, but we need visual tools that help us perceive the '10 day or so' delay in the system and its dynamics/ invisible spread of decease (all the cases and connections) - how the decease spreads silently.

Finally, I belive the great challenge is to learn to live with this with a positive spirit, and live happy lives.

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I've been at home and saving (even light and water already) as much as possible. We waste way too much.

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Where are you getting information around COVID-19?

  • News: Television
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What information do you feel you are missing about COVID-19?

the delay of the system - the gap - the decease is always ahead of us, the measures are implemented too late. when there is one case in the news, there are already 100 or more in reality. This preading network needs to be tackled and uncovered soon so that better and faster policy can happen.

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

Ibelieve the biggest challenge is tackling change of individual andcultural habbits and practices. Peopleare 'trapped in their daily routines' - they buy bread every day orgo out to have a coffee - and theydon’t see therisk of these activities. Weneedto adopt self-deprivation for the common good. Theneed istotransform the information into a 'cultural understandable reality',andtakemore radical actions. Thesooner we stop thedeceasethe better for all. Weare all responsible for it

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Researcher in sustainability issues, currently unemployed

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In what country are you located?


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Welcome to the challenge Ana Carina null ! Thank you on sharing your idea on how we might re-imagine sharing of resources in the wake on the pandemic. Tanneke Lyppens shared his idea on Accessibility . Curious what collaboration might look like