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Revised way of Living

A new open-minded view towards working remotely, more trust in the people that the task will be performed. Responsible actions will be taken

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In a city like Mumbai, which never sleeps or pauses, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in people adopting new measures of working and living. Working from home has been embraces, which has in turn implied spending more time with family and at home. Enjoying the little things, a peaceful meal at home, a wholesome lunch with love. In the fast-paced city, everyone is constantly running and is on the move. This has brought about a much-needed perspective as to how we can adopt a new revised lifestyle. Slow down a little, spend more time with family, breathe more deeply and consciously. 

Humanity needed a BIG message from nature to stop and look. And we are experiencing this. I wish to re-imagine the work and personal life balance in this city and country. 

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