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Remember The Ship of Clouds

Off-line communication between neighbors

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I’m originally from Moscow. We moved to Spain 4 months before the Quarantine with my husband and son. We live in an historical area with beautiful architecture, where buildings have lots of balconies and terraces. 

During the quarantine, for 2 weeks already, everybody comes out at 8p.m. to applaud for medicals, police and grocery workers. These are the moments of union, and it’s so heartfelt that I’m crying with tears of happiness each time. But also I always think that I’d love to know each other’s names and how they are doing nowadays. 

I like to imagine that they are doing well, that they have started something what they always wanted to do, but never had a time for it... and I draw my sketches with these ideas. I draw, how señora Rosa is writing a book of her best recipes, how a 10y.o. boy watches stars all night long, because he doesn’t have to go to school in the morning, I draw people working-out on their roofs to prepare for next marathon... and I drew myself, making a banner, announcing my Instagram account, so neighbors could follow my artworks and get inspired.

But I didn’t make a banner on my balcony for real. I feel too shy about that. I’ve only created the fantasy about one online platform, which could unite neighbors.

Here it is:

On the map of a neighborhood we could point our locations and tell our stories. We could find each other and create projects together. We could shortly find out that there are musicians, artists, designers, dancers, strategists, writers, sportsmen, actors, kids, elderly people, etc. we could use our windows, balconies and roofs to create art projects together! Site-specific urban land art, for example, or flash-mobs & performances, or concerts.

What else can be that great during the quarantine if not the possibility to keep working on something that matters to others? What else artists need if not the audience? What else people need if not the attention and community?

Of corse, we all are still super busy even now. Homeschooling takes time, reading news takes more time nowadays then ever before, entertaining your kids, while working from home requires extra skills, maintaining the household when the whole family is constantly inn is something special... yes, we all are busy, but we are alone! We are missing social connections, we are dealing with “social distancing”. And social media does not help much. We need off-line communication. 

So. Please, send in the clouds! Let’s find a way to connect to our closest neighbors online, then open our windows, get out to our balconies and inspire each other off-line.

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I’d like to see that some government agencies are working now on our ecological problems as well. Because now we can see how different is the air and water without cars and factories. I’d like to see that they going to use this economic crisis as a possibility to start over. To create social responsible and ecologically sustainable businesses. Because if we miss this chance to reboot, we’re going to face a future we don’t  want.

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I’ve always wanted to be closer to my neighbors


Laura has always wanted to take part in a marathon


Josep has always wanted to paint every day


Mickle has always wanted to follow the stars all night long


Señora Rosa has always wanted to write the book with her recipes


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