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If we are informed by data earlier, will the result be different?

Analysis and visualize data from different aspects to reveal more information and insights about the coronavirus to the public.

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"How many tests for COVID-19 are being performed around the world?"

We all know that testing cases and reporting information in a timely manner will help to raise the awareness of the epidemic and also keep the public informed. There are a lot of data collected online but in general, there is only total confirmed case or death case ect, but we are lacking a more in-depth data about what has been done comparing different country. Why some country or places have the pandemic more in control and why some area is worse?

I think this information is very comprehensive and informative about the overall trend of COVID -19 and there are a lot of cross-comparison from different data and countries.  

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For example, I did this data overlay on March 23rd using the color of dots represents the Density of Testing (tested per 1M) and the darker the more people are tested per 1M of that state’s population. And using the size of dots illustrates the Positive Ratio. The bigger the higher percentage of the positive cases are confirmed in total tests.

There are some assumptions: Will the lower density means more unawared case are potentially generating community infections? If the positive ratio is very high while the total confirmed number is low, it means the current number might be just a tip of the iceberg?

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I wrote an article and posted on medium:

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  • Local Government
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public awareness is lacking with too much political information rather than scientific data 

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everyone in the public

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UX designer

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San Francisco

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