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Package to help poor hit by COVID-19 lockdown

Measures to protect the country's poor people from coronavirus leaves poor and daily labourers most vulnerable.

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These are the deadliest days in Pakistan. #COVID-19 with terrifying numbers as reported 1700 new cases (3/29/2020), Its really being hardest for all the poor specially the labors.  #Coronavirus will spread like wildfire, &Pakistan is severely under equipped.

The best source of information for me is our practical life as there is a cry for CAVID -19 everywhere in our surroundings as all labors are in quarantine and can not work because of the lock down in Peshawar,So they are unable to get their daily wages and some 30-40 labors who were working in our factory were demanding for help because we have closed our marble factory @Ali Marble Factory peshawar (facebook page) on warsak road peshawar for the safety purpose, so obviously we helped them all as much as we could afford as a charity.As far as factories are concerned, Our commercial area has facotries in hundreds and so the labors are also in a very large number so all of them are poor and can't afford anything without getting their daily wages. 

on the other hand as We also have a local NGO (Diva Welfare Organization) we encouraged our team to have a survey of the roads for the labors and poor to provide them some needful and should educate them about the safety from COVID-19 and to tell them that they must quarantine themselves at home. Our volunteers also gave them their contact numbers for any future help as well. They registered thousands of labors but we are unable to help them all and need some help.There is not only a queue for grocery shopping but for registration for relief amount under Diva Welfare Organization package for poor/labors and we do have papers as well.

The world seems to be changing permanently. COVID-19 is bigger than 9/11 or 2008 global financial crisis. World living population hasn't seen such a catastrophe. It is a health crisis and has long-lasting physiological and economic implications. Global financial markets are demonstrating it. It is fueling hatred against ethnicities and sects.

Asma Ali (CEO Diva Welfare Organization)



whatsapp# +923349895333

#stay home stay Live.

#Humanity must be highlighted.

#if you can't be a part of solution,don't be a part of problem.

#Pakistan fights corona

#Your every penny counts


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I am the CEO of a non profit non govt organization.Diva Welfare Organization pakistan.

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Deciding on the spread of Covid-19 by staying at home stay safe, is the best way now .. but the danger of starvation is starting threaten the daily workers and those without savings.