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No Numbers Without Context of Exponential Growth.

Humans are linear thinkers with no intuition for exponential curves, so we need to talk about 24 %growth rates, not body counts.

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I know this sounds nerdy and maybe even insufferably pedantic, but it's really, really important for people to understand that explosive exponential growthrates of a virus spread can go from modest to overwhelming in the blink of an eye.  First 100K victims took 90 days to accumulate.  Going from 100K to 200K took 10 days.   To 300K just 3 days.  Knowing this can help squash the casual behavior of some people who don't take this seriously. 

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Seeing the curve and understanding how dramatically that curve changes by really, really tiny and personal decisions like meeting just one less person per day is hugely clarifying and not at all intuitive.  But true. I think others can see the light if explained correctly and visually.

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private messages.

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  • Local Government
  • National Government
  • News: Digital
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  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Employer

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Elderly.  Rural.  Folks with bad information/news consuming habits.

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Design Manager

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Minneapolis, MN

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@Matt Conway you make an interesting point about visualization of information. Not nerdy at all, if put in context of our immensely visual popular media....movies, YouTube, Instagram, halftime Super Bowl shows. We need the best ad/marketing people out there to put their minds to other than selling products/services and do more than occasional public service announcements as a pivot for a while.....