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Manufacturing an invention of the actual application of vaccines and treatment of diseases for all persons in isolated areas

Development of nightlife lighting system of all vehicles, by installation inside of body vehicle to the rear, is far from the front to contr

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The SDGs are a bold commitment to finish what we started and tackle some of the more pressing challenges facing the world today because all 17 Goals interconnect, meaning success in one affects success for others. We need to go the last mile on ending hunger, achieving full gender equality, improving health services and getting every child into school beyond primary, The SDGs are also an urgent call to shift the world onto a more sustainable path. 

Safe transition is the first engine of sustainable development society strongly to the preservation of people’slives for easy communication between the developed peoples and the marginalized and poor people in remote places away from the big cities because there are no paved roads sufficient to allow the movement of a large number of people were to the establishment of the paved roads with illumination costs the budgets of these countries large sums of money that these countries cannot provide. to spread health awareness and help in the treatment of diseases and the dissemination of science and equality among the woman’s and men’s to provide employment opportunities for all individuals in these disenfranchised communities, to stop ignorance of customs this is the most important goal of gender equality in treatment, science, and employment. All women and children have the right to basic education, the world has cut the number of women and children without education in half, this progress must extend to the over 50million still left out. Educated and healthy women and children will lead their communities out of poverty and build the thriving nations of tomorrow.

Africa is a continent where there is much wealth, but many of the poor live in remote villages far from urban areas, however, there are no roads that are paved and luminous enough to move safely overnight because no new roads have been established to accommodate the continuous population increase, to reduce poverty for women for economic and social integration, Also, there are no bright roads that allow safe overnight travel of specialized medical personnel to carry out full disease immunization operations to raise health awareness and complete immunization against all infectious diseases as COVID-19, Ebola, and HIV among these poor communities that do not have the money to travel to hospitals in big cities, Especially sick children and elderly people who cannot move and pregnant women who cannot afford to travel on unlit rough roads at night are extremely crowded during the day and they also make sure that women have access to life-saving medicines during childbirth. Jean Todt, the UN special envoy for road safety, said at the“Africa Road Safety 2017” conference in Cape Town, South Africa, at least 650people are killed daily in road accidents across Africa. According to him, 90percent of people and goods on the African continent are transported by land, adding that road accidents “can deprive any country of its true development potential”. The continent suffers from the highest rate of traffic deaths on roads from any other country. The region though owned less than 5% of the world's registered vehicles still has 20% of the world’s road accidents.“Therefore, Africa has been severely affected by the crisis of safety on world roads.

Manufacturing an invention of a device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using light tubes without dazzled for the actual application of a sustainable society.

I’m from Egypt in Africa, I have two inventions were implemented to develop the night lighting system, patents No, 26771 / 2011 (Extra Spotlights through Xenon, Laser or LED Bulb)and patent No, 29238 / 2014 (A device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes without dazzled) Issued by the Academy of Scientific Research in Cairo Egypt. The United Nations’ Global Goal 3 focuses on achieving good health and well-being for all — and vaccines, which save millions of lives every year,

Towards reduce the killing of one million and 350,000 people are killed annually in road accidents (3,500 deaths daily worldwide as well. Every 6 seconds somebody somewhere in the world is killed suddenly and dramatically by injuries of up to five million deaths a year! Total victims reach approximately 6 million people per year (even if the accident reduction rate is 1%, life will be maintained at 60,000 people per year), also causing material losses of $500 billion (if a 10% a pause occurs,$50 billion will be available to change the global economy annually)

To develop the installation of the lighting place in a very narrow area directly in the front of vehicles, it is not allowed to install a device to control of light away from the eyes of others, causing extreme confusion on vision since the first invention of the1886 till now, where Light flows by speed 300,000 m/s to strike the force of human and animal eye nerve and the uncles temporary he the main reason for the increase of incidents the night.

Is done by installation inside ofbody vehicle to the rear is far from the front (An invention of a device thatprovides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes withoutdazzled) to control such glow on, then redirected to the front for radiatethrough the Tubes of lights within it a nanotechnology-treated lightingelement, to support and increase the power of lighting without dazzled, withthe diffusion of light at a near-Earth horizontal level in all directions, theyare installed inside the projector at specific angles and degrees to controlthe direction of light away from the vision of others, by optical sensors, onemounted at the driver’s view level and the other above the light exit slot, They communicate with each other a special mobile device system(The ‘mobileedge)’ to signal a motor that moves the projector from the rear up or down tochange the angle of the light output from the front at a specific level of thelight sensor installed in the vehicle by the driver below the eye levelautomatic 200 meters after which the dazzled light is lost, for steering thelight is far from the other driver’s vision level to prevent light dazzledinterference traditionally. (There are also other elements that will be explained later)

The invention controls at the dazzled lights when approaching the cars each other the strong headlights become very painful because they cause severe interference to the vision, as they approach each other, leading to a complete loss of vision and forcing the two drivers to turn off the strong lights and walk only in the light of small lights so that each car can Is a way away from the collision of the two vehicles and without disturbing the vision of the road to each of the leaders of the two vehicles to the other where this causes the loss of focus into making a safe decision.. As will light orientation control stops thediffraction and of light reflection from snow when it falls and covers everythingon the roads with a white crystalline layer, considering that the crystallineice property becomes a powerful reflector of light from everything on the roadcollides with the strong night lighting system now used directly in allvehicles, where it starts the light, is a random force in all directions withoutcontrol and the road becomes ignited, causing severe interference to thedriver’s vision and all those on the road, The practical solution available nowis to control the steering of the light in front of the vehicle only, atthe level near the ground to reduce the reflections of light on all places coveredby snow; this is only available at using the invention, Also when the fogsuddenly falls, the powerful foreground lighting used in all the vehicles becomesvery confusing because the fog is made up of small atoms of water vapor, Whenthe light collides with it, Which consists of contiguous straight photons atspeeds of m/s 300,000 to collide with steam atoms and move them between them atthe same speed and as a result of the heat of friction between them are dividedinto parts moving very quickly to become a curtain prevents vision, So we findthe fog (water vapor atoms) moving at the brightness of light at the same speedof light and then evaporates, Therefore the invention controls the high levelof light from the Earth so that the movement of fog water vapor atoms) is farfrom the level of view of the driver and others.

There are contacts with the United Nations, the WHO, the World Bank and the International Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. 

I have received more than one invitation to attend international conferences, The last attend I received from; 3rd GlobalMinisterial Conference on Road Safety: “Achieving Global Goals 2030”

Considering the importance of the invention that was made on the international arena to reduce the accidents of night vehicles due to the problems of night lighting system that is now used in all vehicles,                                                                

The last attend I received from; 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety: “Achieving Global Goals 2030”, Dear friends of road safety, On behalf of the government of Sweden, and in collaboration with the World Health Organization(WHO), I have a great pleasure and the honour to invite you to participate in the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, "Achieving GlobalGoals 2030” that will take place on 19--2 February 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden.                                                                                                                                                             

Likewise,I received an invitation to confirm to join the SDG World Festival, which will be held from 1-3 April 2020 at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany. Where each of the festival leaders is an active participant, contributor, and participants in the creation of important content and talks that will take place in the event. The SDG Global Business Festival is a flagship annual event supported by the United Nations SDG Action Campaign with support from theGerman Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and theGerman Federal Ministry of Foreign Office. (Attached is a copy of the invitation)

Also for long-distance road travel at night where there is no lighting, for vehicles equipped for blood donation. It contains laboratories for blood quality analysis and conservation and then returns to blood banks in major cities to reach blood donors in communities that live far from civilized because of they have little money to travel to blood donation banks in major cities, which contributes strongly to increase blood yield and save many lives.

The invention proves the close relationship between strong vehicle lights dazzled at night, which violate darkness of the sky with environmental pollution of lights and global warming to reduce climate change and pollution caused by the spread of optical dazzled have a direct adverse effect on human health, Because of the lack of attention to this pollution has devastating effects on all life and increase the climatic changes and natural disasters as the report, Short-lived climate pollutants, such as methane, black carbon, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)and tropospheric ozone have a powerful effect on global temperatures and many are also damaging air pollutants for example; methane is a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming impact 86 times higher than that of carbon dioxide over a 20-year time horizon, It is also the largest precursor to ground-level ozone a major component of smog, which can worsen bronchitis and asthma and damage lung tissue, Troposphere ozone exposure alone is responsible for an estimated one million premature deaths each year.  All these pollutants increase strongly when exposed to strong lighting and evaporate to rise in the Earth's atmosphere. Also, have a direct adverse effect on the natural environment for the life of insects working on the pollination of crops for continued agricultural production without the cost, such as bees endangered and poor production of food is very important for human health.

What is light pollution? Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution, but did you know that light can also be a pollutant? The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate. By joining IDA you can make a difference in protecting our Planet, saving billions of dollars in wasted energy, and connecting future generations with our legacy of starry skies.

MohamedMetwalli Khalifa Saleh (Mohamed Saleh)     

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Towards helping countries in Africa and South Asia get ready now, we can save lives and also slow the global circulation of the viruses —is focused particularly on developing countries. These are the actions that leaders should be taking now. There is no time to waste.

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