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Manage, don't ban

Instead of shutting down their businesses local vendors should get access to best practices how to manage stores effevtively during crises.

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Shoppers worlwide react with stockpiling to their fear of running low on food and toiletries. Especially in security seeking societies - like Germany - vendors try to prevent buyers from this behaviour by limiting the items they are allowed to buy. 

This is a threat to elderly or less mobile members of the community as they may not be able to do the shopping in a frequency needed to get everything they need as a broad range of products is not available on a daily basis. 

I think the idea of special opening hours for the more vulnerable members of our communities might help globally to reduce the uneven access to food and other necessary products. 

Goverments might contribute to preventing community members from supply shortfall by making grocery and/or drug stores choose from a set of measures to enhance a more equal supply.

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After having seen the video on IG I decided to do the shopping in the late opening hours (past 8 p.m.) to let more vulnerable community members do their shopping first as I am generally very mobile and might return the other day in case something was out of stock. 

Furthermore I offered elderly people in my environment to do the shopping for them.

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I told almost everyone about this pragmatic  approach and spread the video per DM on IG.

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  • National Government
  • News: Television
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Timeline of progress in terms of scientific research 

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

There should be a set of revised information in the most commonly spoken languages on a daily basis. News corporations should work hand in hand in order to spread them as people more and more distrust govermental information. From my opinion people who are not native to the country they are living in have worse opportunities to inform themselves by far.

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Senior Consultant Innovationmanagement

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