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Lockdown for us but independence for other creatures. Sometimes you have to go through something bad to see the greater good.

As a responsible citizen my only contribution so far during these times has been to strictly listen to the government and stay at home.

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During these critical times of lockdown and while we practice self quarantine, I have been seeing people sharing plenty of posts of their home workouts. Those who want to stay fit and cannot go outside have found some many ways to keep themselves fit at home. People have started sharing Facebook and Instagram live videos that many of us can join live do the workout along with these motivators. I found this bit quite interesting. So definitely in times like these where we need to maintain social distance but at the same time be focused on our healthy and happiness. It is important that we all pursue something we enjoy doing. You could pick up an all together new hobby and try it out. Whether it is working out which you never found time for earlier, or whether it is painting, cooking, dancing, playing any instruments, singing, reading off course is one of the best. So many things to do. And if you are someone like me who never found the time to pick up their phones and call their relatives, or friends and loved ones. Then this is your time to connect. The entire life we just kept cribbing, cutting sorry figures, throwing excuses that we don’t find time to pursue what we love doing. So then nature has finally given us all the time in the world. By staying home we are definitely saving not just on our time for commute to work but also saving a lot of energy, fuel, cutting unnecessary expenses by not going out every weekend and not ordering online food every other day. Look at the brighter side. This is the time to appreciate and applaud the simple things in life. Whether it is the birds chirping in your terrace or the animals you see outside having a ball of a time. We need to realise and learn to coexist. Somewhere in this mad race of competition and greed we had forgotten what the true essence of life was. And this natures way of teaching us. So sit back and catch some some sun, drink hot cups of tea/ coffee, connect with friends, stay fit, read, learn a new skill, think, reflect, breathe and most importantly stay positive. Because only then you can spread positive vibes around. Don’t let yourself succumb to boredom and don’t be a couch potato. 

At the end of these 21 days of lockdown we all must come out of it stronger and kinder versions of ourselves who never take anything for granted.   We are all together in it this to break the chain by locking ourselves down in our homes and still continuing to do what we love doing but only within the boundaries of our homes. 

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