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#justincase the print template from neighbour to neighbour

#justincase is a simple, clean template for a flyer from neighbour to neighbour. To help people reconnect locally in a disconnecting world.

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We live in a highly interconnected world, yet we are disconnected in our most local context: our neighbourhoods. This becomes very evident in times of crisis, when neighbourhood help is invaluable, as short distances enable fast action! 

Just like when your own mother, living far away and who can not be reached in this time of crisis, is being offered help by her neighbours - in times of crisis we start to reevaluate what is available closest to us. Or just next door.

#justincase is a charitable initiative with the mission to give or receive hope and inspire this very solidary neighbourhood help. 

With a very clean, simple template we seek to create bridges, to help reconnect neighbours - in times, when social media is of limited help and pen and paper are the most valuable mean of connection. Easy, fast and safe.

The initiative #justincase was born just a few days ago when the team received the information that people will need to stay at their homes. At that point people were hanging their phone numbers on the street and we were asking ourselves how we can create a more structured help without making your phone number public and with helping elderly people who would leave their flat and see the depicted information.

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The overwhelming amount of digital information and little available direct communication between humans made us reflect on what we could provide as an information design team in order to create something simple and helpful for us facing this crisis and upcoming isolation in all countries, now. 

The result is #justincase.

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