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In times of physical distancing: let's dream together, let's grow together

Set of inspiring movies about communities who put their strengths together in challenging times.

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These are challenging times: for older persons, who are not allowed to see their grandchildren and children and are particularly vulnerable. For children and young people who are forced to stay at home, cannot go to school or university and meet their friends. For adults, who suddenly have to work from home while juggling the care for a whole family under lockdown and their job, or because they work extra-long hours, exposed to the threat of an infection as nurses, doctors, in supermarkets, in public service and other system-relevant jobs. For families because they need to restructure their life and improvise on a daily basis while staying calm, hopeful and organised. And for politicians and leaders as they make tough decisions to keep their citizens and employees safe.

In all continents now countries are under different levels of lockdown, streets are getting empty and we are asked to stay in our homes and keep physical distance.

A difficult situation for us, humans, who thrive for touch and communication. But what if…

- we keep physical distance to protect the spread of the virus but move closer together as human beings?

- we look for the best in us and use our strengths to make meaningful contributions?

- we stay distant but build strong, resilient communities?

- we leave the class rooms and universities but share knowledge and learn from each other?

- we use the corona crisis to become more connected, more self-efficient, more powerful human beings?

- we put humans first when making decisions?

- we connect with nature in solidarity?

The Constellation has facilitated local responses in more than 50 countries, through more than 100 partnerships with governments and national and international organisations.

Formed in 2005 to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic they use a strength based methodology to bring individuals and communities into their own power, re-discover their own strength, envision a better future and move towards it together.

The Constellation also has yearlong experience in working as an online organisation, with collaborators in all continents and online platform for virtual training.

Over the next days we want to share some inspiration from our projects around the world, documented in the short film series “AS YOU OPEN YOUR EYES”.

We hope to inspire you, during the lockdown and beyond, to dream and to work towards this dream, with the skills you have already and those of the people around you.


The Constellation Team

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