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I´ll get some air, and both of us we´ll get groceries

Young people who use their visits to the market as an opportunity for also relax could help elderly people buying the groceries for them.

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Many friends told me that in their buildings some people had offered to go to buy groceries for those who cant (elderly, new moms, people with any dissability). And now we are doing the same in my building.

Doing the groceries for many people, especial younger ones, has become a way to find relax and peace of mind, because being honest, there are people having and ok time inside their houses, but there are others who are suffering. Mental helth is as important as body health.

But this is not happening in every building, and posting a sign is not the best way. Many people doesn´t know about this iniative even if they pass by it. I confirmed this buy standing next to the door of my building and still watching old people going to buy. When I asked them why weren´t they asking for help to the one who offers, they said they did´t know about it.

I thi k would be better to have a platfom, a number or somewhere easier to connect neighboors so they can help each other.

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Knowing that they were doind this in my friends building, motivated to do the same. Thinking all the time in the virus and how this was affecting me, did´t let me realize how bad was for others and how i can help.

The idea of doing something for someone else, and not just for me contribuites with everyone.

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I sent a photo of a sign and let them know what we have been  doing in my building so they can do it too. Thats how I found out this good initiative.

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  • National Government
  • News: Television
  • News: Digital
  • Social Media
  • WHO (World Health Organization)

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More ideas about how to help the ones who live closer to us, our neighboards for example.

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Advertising & Digital marketing

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Hi Marina Orozco , welcome to the challenge. Your idea reminds me of Naman Mandhan 's inspiration Shopping Angels 

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