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HetroCleaner is a revolutionary antiseptic, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic solution.

HetroCleaner is a revolutionary antiseptic, anti bacterial, hypoallergenic solution that was designed to keep your skin protected, healthy

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HetroMistin is a revolutionary antiseptic, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic solution that was designed to keep your skin protected, healthy and clean on a daily basis. Hetromistin is unique formula assists to keep personal hygiene. It contains vitamin E and has a native pH 4.4 levels and do not contain alcohol 

HetroMistin is
• Independent is not required to be washed off by water
•Spotless It doesn't stain clothes
•Odor free It doesn't have a smell or any other unpleasant feelings
•Clinically proven Based on the ingredients case study, it significantly reduces the
chances of infection transmitted
•Preserving Multifunctional disinfection solution for daily unisex

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Being an antiseptic and anti-bacterial solution, Hetromistin potentially reduces COVID-19 

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