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Healing with Warm water

I advise people to drink warm water in the morning, noon and at night before heading to bed.

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Boil pure water and drink it little by little three times days

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After used I became strong and healthy at that time 

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  • Social Media

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Designing information for affected individuals. 

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Internal Auditor.

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Freetown city

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Sierra Leone


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Hi Iyesha,
I didn't measure the salt just guess. In a serious situation I would go with full teaspoon. Salt has been known as a preservative from ancient times of course.
Now I wouldn't overdo that at all. You'll know. Not even consecutive days. Maybe only once a week. It all depends. I am not an MD so this would have to be verified.
This is meant to be as gargle 3 swish spit out somewhere no one will contact for at least 5 days way out of the way or down the drains. Then after your system. Occasionally. Or more in an outbreak.
The Asian Flu Pandemic of 1957 they had no vaccine or tests and the medicine was salt water gargle 3 times a day, chicken soup, and cod liver oil and aspirin. I'm not a doctor but this is from info directly talking to someone there.
The Hong Kong Flu of 1968 same thing in New York City.---> Bill

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