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Harnessing churches (and other community groups) as vehicles for informational, inspirational and preparational good.

I believe and have seen that churches (and other community groups) can be great sources of good information, inspiration and preparation.

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Personally the church that I’m part of (in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) has been a source of good information and encouragement to follow government guidance in the coronavirus situation. The church leadership have kept abreast of the guidance and then responded by communicating well, encouraging best practice, closing down public gatherings and moving meetings online. The online meetings and WhatsApp groups have been sources of sharing encouragement and inspiration, reducing the sense of isolation, helping to promote connection, community, well being, hope and practical (and no doubt financial) support at this time.

I’m aware of other churches doing similar things for the church community, but also going beyond to serve their local communities in practical ways. For example, one church in Seattle is offering grant funding to local businesses, and is choosing to pay rent to a venue they are no longer able to use, in order to keep businesses and the families that rely on them going at this time. 

From another church, the pastor reached out to his whole street at the start of the crisis and surveyed them to find out their situation and specific concerns, and in response has created a street community, that is communicating by phone, email, their newly formed street Facebook group and one other platform group, in order to mobilise the community to meet each other’s needs - practically and socially. 

As well as churches as groups, individual Christians can be a powerful resource for good in times of crisis. Christian (at their best) are motivated (even driven) to love God and love people in sacrificial ways (as patterned by Jesus Christ) - and that ethos and ethic can be harnessed for great good.

Examples of this are people like my wife serving the vulnerable, isolated and needy by doing shopping for them (as they can’t because of their age, health or because they are a single parent that is scared of taking their child out to the shop with them). I myself have been (trying to) connect businesses, schools and charities to innovative and other solutions that can help them or the staff, families or communities that they support at this time. 

Where are you getting information around COVID-19?

  • National Government
  • News: Digital
  • Word of Mouth

What is your current profession?

Entrepreneur and Director - connecting innovators, investors & large organisations to create value.

In what city are you located?

Newcastle upon Tyne.

In what country are you located?

England, UK


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