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Group FaceTime Dance Parties

Group facetime calls/dance parties mirrored on our television with our families. Kids love it and feels like everyone's in the room with us.

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I've been following the John Hopkins live map. Feels like a valid source. Good for getting a sense of numbers/data and seeing it visually. 

There are some stats missing... Like everyone talks about "slowing the curve". Where can I see that? ARE we slowing down "the curve"? What is the magical curve that everyone is talking about and where can I see live updates on it?

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  • Local Government
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The "CURVE" in live time. 

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

My neighbor doesn't have social media and probably is not on the internet very often. He didn't have any idea that old people are at risk and was asking me if he should or should not visit his grandparents. 

So maybe finding a way to inform people who aren't very well connected to media/social platforms but still are capable of making lifestyle changes to promote social distancing and other precautionary measures. Maybe by mail? Flyers? Pamphlets? 

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Hi August.
I love the idea of dance parties "with everyone in the room" via the TV screen. How have you set that up?

Regarding the concept of "flattening the curve" , this NPR article explains it well.
Basically the idea is to slow the spread of the virus using social distancing. The issue is, if many people become ill at the same time the healthcare system may not be able to handle the load. There are not sufficient supplies and resources - ventilators, medical personnel etc. - to care for the numbers of people who might need that level of care, at the same time. By flattening the curve - spacing out the number of people who get the virus and become ill, over a period of time - the health care system will better be able to care for each patient.

Thanks for pointing us to the John's Hopkins map as a resource!

I like the idea of sending information to people in the mail, and using posters. As information is changing rapidly maybe there can be a call in number on the mail/poster for people to use to access up to date information. In NYC where I am located one can sign up for text alerts from the city government which connect you to updates. Does your neighbor use texting?
Maybe billboards would also be useful to share information?

Take care!

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Hi Bettina,

Thanks for sending that article. Yes, I understand the concept of flattening the curve. I would like to somehow to see how were doing as a nation to keep that curve flat? That way I can know if the protective measures I'm taking are making a difference or nor. And if not, it might motivate me and others to spread the word more diligently to families, communities, and social networks. Is there a site that can provide me with that level of visual data?

As for the dance parties. I just start a group facetime is the iOS messaging app and the mirror my screen to my smart TV. It's not perfect, but one of us will crank up the Alexa and all the nieces and nephews will all "virtually" dance with each other. Its pretty cute. It also gets them talking and interacting with their cousins while also getting there wiggles out. My wife and I also screen mirror at-home works outs. That helps us get some exercise and also boosts moral.

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Love this conversation! Couple other folks who are thinking about similar themes around flattening the curve that might be fun to check out are: Translating the jargon and the idea Stick Together By Staying Apart: Use the CDC's "Pandemic Intervals Framework" to explain the value and context of social distancing.