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Grocery GUIDES

Gives grocery shoppers a comprehensive guide on how to go about grocery shopping

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To limit the number of shoppers at grocery stores, the Ministry of Works in Malaysia imposed a rule that limits the only "head of households" to grocery shop. With the head of the family usually being husbands and dads, Tesco in Malaysia had created a comprehensive shopping guide detailing names of different types of fresh produce and different parts of meats in efforts to help this group of people navigate grocery shopping, an activity that they rarely carry out. 

Though not directly helpful in spreading information about COVID-19, I think this effort successfully highlights measures taken during COVID-19 as well as helps the community navigate their new reality in a few dimensions. 

Firstly, it reminds the community about the recently imposed rule of having only heads of households shop for groceries to limit the number of shoppers as well as helps to reinforce social distancing measures. Next, the campaign is contextually apt as men are usually seen as the head of households in the cultural context of Malaysia. This campaign off-handedly encourages this group of the population to carry out this errand that isn't typically or regularly taken up by them. Lastly and most importantly, this campaign includes a hint of wittiness that takes attention away from the detriments of these uncertain times and instead focuses on helping the community navigate ways in dealing with their new reality of being under shelter in place rules. Instead of reminding people about the pandemic, it reorients our community, giving them a structural pillar to adhere to their new lives while including some humor in its midst. 

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