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Global dashboard for crowd-sourced short term solutions

In times of crisis, some groups of people/startups/companies can have an easy and quick access to a solution urgently needed globally.

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COVID-19 showed us what lacking resourcing to tackle specific issues looks like. But were resources lacking or not within reach or maybe unevenly distributed? A simple solution or resource can make a huge difference for someone fighting at the forefront of a disaster/crisis/pandemic. Often, that simple solution is easy to access or create for a certain group/startup/company, somewhere in the world, whereby the resources/capacities are just sitting and being untapped, simply because there is no way to communicate quickly and globally the current specific needs for the countries suffering the issue. For ex: a group of people started printing 3D tubes to help patients breath in Italy when medical resources where impossible to get, fashion companies started making masks when it became clear that governments needed them, and there may be so many other examples that we didn't even hear of and never will. Having a global dashboard with all the current small issues to solve during a time of crisis could bring forward players around the world that have the time/resources/willingness to help, immediately and efficiently, and bring about a speed of recovery we wouldn't otherwise have. Live crowd-sourcing is an ability we have now more than ever and should be organised and centralised for us to focus our efforts in the form of tangible immediate solutions, which can on the short run be so much more effective than financial donations, especially given the accelerating occurrence of natural disasters.

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