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Equipment recycling center VS COVID-19

An equipment recycling center in addition of tool manufacturing center to recycle the products that are newly manufactured and existing.

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In March 20, 2020 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the administration is currently in need for more tools that are used for medical staffs and the general public that are used to treat and prevent the coronavirus. He also urges manufacturing companies that make products like masks, uniforms and gloves to increase their production rate. He also said that companies who do not make similar products like masks, uniforms and gloves but have the infrastructure to build similar product to start manufacturing it. This is because at this time the administration have understood that this crisis could last longer considering the infection rate and volume they have seen. There is no doubt that the longer it takes, the more tool it consumes and for tools that can only be used once and/ or one per day especially for medical staffs like the mask and gloves, there may become a point where there will not be available tool no more.  

This project is about building an equipment recycling center in addition of tool manufacturing center to recycle the products that are newly manufactured and possibly the existing products. This will be very important because manufacturing a certain product requires inputs and usually the inputs need to be refined, processed and delivered to the manufacturing company. Since most manufacturing company has closed due to quarantine protocol and all of the company‚Äôs employees are under self quarantine, tool manufacturing companies will have limited resources and even if they have the capacity to manufacture the need, they might not have the input supply. So it is very important to manufacture a recyclable product and build an immediate recycling center. I strongly advise to build a product like the mask made of plastic because you can easily recycle and since you melt the product to recycle, it will kills any virus if the mask contains any coronvirus acting as disinfectant. The only problem is there must be caution from product delivery to recycling center for safety. Design of recyclable products like plastic masks and recycling machine will be uploaded soon.  

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