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Data Aggregation of current essential equipments in hospitals, proactive measure to be prepared in crisis times.

Many hospitals are running short and don't have the critical essential equipments needed to help patients and contain the disease.

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If there is going to be a shortage of critical pieces of equipments like ventilators, beds, etc to treat patients, hospitals will need to ration out and decide which patients get lifesaving treatments and which patients do not. That will be a tragic challenge.  

In such a case, aggregating data about which hospitals have :
1. Enough no. of beds
2.  no. of emergency care departments
3.  no. of patients (COVID and not)
4.  no. of ventilators
5.  no. of respirators etc will help plan out medical care and will be life - saving!

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Seeing the massive efforts of people were so many changes are being made at national level to be prepared for this COVID-19 situation, I realize the least I can do as a fellow countryman is to help the doctors, paramedics, and other services by not burdening them by being another patient and doing my bit of staying home and safe during the lockdown.

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Blue-collar workers and Immigrant workers. especially in Asian countries, A huge working force, who earn and spend expenses for min living on a daily basis. These poeple often don't have internet access and even if they do, not to trustworthy, reliable information. And basic resources like food.

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Good job.