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Why are we "pushing" so much information out?

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I've been amazed at how much information we are 'pushing' out about this virus; especially considering that health, in many ways, is a contextual experience.

For many, health (especially emotional and/or mental health) is harmed by the influx of information being pushed at them. (Not to mention the pressure that puts on digital infrastructure).

The best I've seen is scheduled information. 

When we "push" out a notice 1x per day/week with pertinent information, and then allowed the masses to 'pull' in whatever other information they want to supplement the pushed notifications. Would that help digital infrastructure to plan better? Would that help minimize information overload? Would that allow important messages to be shared more easily (even to those without digital devices)?

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A clear, succinct and timely message allows everyone to have the same understanding, regardless of status; and then supplement that as each individual 'user' sees fit.

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