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Conquering the unknown through shared experience

Why not have ambassadors/ survivors inform the rest of the world through broadcasted sources their experiences.

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A local news Chanel reported latest updates in Italian cities the total numbers of deaths to be 400 just today and have us a shot of army trucks carrying bodies to be cremated across the city.

A video about experiences that are living through what you are just starting to head towards is striking, informing people of how serious something is, how to deal with it and what could happen if you don’t is very powerful.

Where are you getting information around COVID-19?

  • Local Government
  • News: Television
  • News: Digital
  • News: Radio
  • Social Media
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Word of Mouth
  • Employer
  • A loved one in a another part of the world

What information do you feel you are missing about COVID-19?

What to do if you get sick by yourself, how do the symptoms develop and measures you can take to slow down the severity.

It’s clear you are advised to get tested however apart from calling a  phone number that will be down when you are looking for help and knowing you need to have all the symptoms before you get tested is really nerve recking.

What is your current profession?

Creative and Event Organizer

In what city are you located?


In what country are you located?



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