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Community and Collaboration is the key

Designing a community ambassador program where local leaders lead circles on overcoming the crisis with multimedia content and discussions.

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  1. Stories of Hope:
  2. Daily Good:
  3. Accountable Buddy for #100DayArtProject inspired me to think about community leaders making buddies in the area with each other lifting the spirits up and they ensure we are both healthy and safe together. (should not be the person with whom we live but a distant person that pushes us with the thought of meeting each other post lockdown and building new friendships. adds a taste of newness in the otherwise boring schedule)
  4. Reading Circles (sources: various) ensuring debate, poetry and spoken word continue virtually with a space of no judgment triggering thoughts on the healing powers words have inspired me with my idea of similar discussion in the community with multimedia content designed by world's best artist around COVID awareness and breaking myths and biases (racial, societal and economical) of folks with one discussion at a time. 

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It reinstated my faith in the power of community and collaboration to solve for this crisis channeled through individuals' own deed. Margaret Mead once said and I paraphrase, 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

This stresses the power each one of us has in fighting this crisis not only by staying home but collaborating for the greater good. Plus it gave me hope that one day I will step out of this isolation to the world who might be licking its grief but is more selfless and compassionate than ever. 

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  • News: Television
  • WHO (World Health Organization)

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the stories of recovery

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 indigenous tribes, people with no social and financial safety net, immigrants, refugees

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Working in a nonprofit as part of their Corporate Partnerships & Engagements team

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Covid-19 is not personal matter, or city or country. But Covid-19 is a world problem. We must collaborate all over the world. Of course the problem of vaccines and healing the affairs of the virus experts and the medical. And we ad a community must make every efforts to break the chain of distribution. And this requires global work, integrated and equitable work, can we ???

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Hi Eldy, I completely agree with you. These are not the times where one can sit in their silos and continue living their lives. We as a global community have to come together to not only support the healthcare, essential workers and public systems but also find out ways how each one of us can uplift each other. I am open to hearing your thoughts on collaboration?