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Clearer and more consistent facts

What to do, what to look for, how the virus survives

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People are having a hard time understanding how contagious COVID-19 is, that community transmission is the key driver (even if one foreigner introduces it, it's the community who spreads it), how the virus survives or doesn't, and what to do or not to do. Very smart friends of mine are believing myths such as the virus not surviving hot climates. There is so much confusion on the whole mask issue. I trust WHO the most, and these myth busters are the best I've found, but still don't answer everything - such as how to clean your mask (if you only have one and can't microwave due to metal in it - bleach?). Am I very contagious if I don't have symptoms, and for how long? How long does the virus survive on various surfaces (if it can't survive on our mail, why the advice to constantly wash our hands - are our hands more susceptible? need to spell it out)

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Did this resource motivate you to change your behaviors?

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In what ways did you change your behaviors as a result of this resource?

The main behavior I've changed is to wear a mask while in transit in public - there was previous advice that that wouldn't help, but now that seems to have changed, and where I am currently in a country everyone is doing it (and I'm not about to not follow suit). I'm also currently on lock-down in my community and taking it seriously - no conversations with anyone without a meter between us. 

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In what ways did you share this information?

I corrected a friend about the climate issue - she was hoping the US would see a slight reprieve as summer came. 

Where are you getting information around COVID-19?

  • News: Digital
  • WHO (World Health Organization)

What information do you feel you are missing about COVID-19?

Transparency on where cases are being uncovered - not just city/ state but actual locations traced if possible (restaurant, airport, private home, etc). See above for other info missing.

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

Governments are being addressed but most have simply not acted quickly enough. Seems that many young people aren't getting the message and may be resistant to it, so need to put be on lock-down asap in the US, as they were where I am now. For others who care enough to be careful - clarity, simplicity, thoroughness, consistency in the info please.

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Human-centered design

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In what country are you located?



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