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Building healthy habits

As a mother I am learning how to spend more time with my kids by connecting and teaching them the essential skills they need for the future.

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I have been using YouTube and Google to self educate myself about homeschooling I’m also learning what skills I can teach my kids that can help them build a better future. Every morning I wake up with a goal and that goal is to be not only a mother but also be a teacher to my two girls. We follow a schedule exactly how they would follow a schedule at daycare. My four years old daughter is not calling me mother from 8 to 4 but she calls me teacher this is bringing a sense of school discipline and learn ability . I know as a mother kids don’t always listen to the mother or father but they will listen to the teacher this Technique is helping me to make sure that my daughter listen to my instructions. Beside my four year old daughter and my five months old newborn baby we also have three imaginary friends at a daycare this is helping my toddler or preschooler to use her imagination and create some sort of social interaction with other friends I really don’t exist. My role as a mother is not only keep the house clean cook for my kids but it’s also teaching them what is good and what is bad. It is to teach them how to be good citizens how to make smart choices in the future. I am learning that I am more than just a mother I am learning that my role is very important. It is because of coronavirus and self isolation that I am learning all this new skills I know this is just a beginning and just like any other mother I am learning to be a better mother and a better teacher. Hope I can inspire other mothers to do the same thing.

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I am starting to video our time together with all the activities with you during daytime I need to work on editing the videos and have enough capture to upload them

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