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both ways attention network.

We need to have a digital survival companion for everybody which takes care of you by your baseline benchmark using 2 way attention.

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Corona is a common abstraction meaning it doesn’t differentiate class or race. But old people are at more risk.

It requires multi-dimensional contribution at scale as in involvement of masses, companies and governments. Never before enough attention was given to this at this scale because there was not enough motivation for any attention.

Since everyone is feeling the direct air, thousands are dying, millions at risk and billions of dollars are wiping out. Now people have all kind of motivations and attention to these problems.

I have been thinking on holistic solutions on a more big picture level. I’ll just quickly point out that I’m not an EXPERT, just a creative guy and I like doing abstraction as hobby.
Since nowadays most things are about attention.

Things like this can escalate quickly depending on how stupidly it is handled.
It is imperative that all people pay good attention.

And this is the first breaking point, because attention is one sided like news and media is all. How is it possible that we don’t have a framework that makes 2 way attention so situation like this can be deal effectively.

This is where we need a protocol for Attention Network .All the highest priority abstractions that affects you, is handled in it like corona, natural disasters etc.
It’s a collective framework in which people participate in abstractions that directly or indirectly affects them.

When you are part of the attention network, you are given a survival companion.
This survival companion is your smart digital identity (SelfAI) that monitors everything about you. It uses your data to protect you and others and guide you in the case of crisis.

For example, imagine an app using this attention network…
Like your survival companion for Covid 19. I don’t want to get into granular detail just yet but the idea would be the people will self-organize using this app in the case of crisis. Tagline would be “Let’s organised together to survive together” or something…

Anyways, the goal of this app would be to effectively track the infections so we can control it rather-than full lock-down. Users will self-report their health and complete engage in symptoms markers checklist. It’s probabilistic meaning depending on your symptoms assessment, will give you a category or something, It’s super personalized also that accounts for your baseline benchmarks and change. 

For more details please check the link.. I need to have discussion with people to do abstraction. 

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