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Boost of Mobile Education Development- how Coronavirus acts as an accelerator for M-Education Development for the future society

I work as an anthropology researcher in this research project

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M-Education is defined as the technology of using mobile to achieve all forms of education in your portable devices, anytime, anywhere. With mobile networks covering more than 90% of the world population today and the future development in 5G, the media of using mobile as an education tool has been a popular industry. There is a wide spectrum of different forms of technologies provided in this discipline, starting with apps that help learners to learn with a database a formula, like Duolingo, to apps that are specifically designed to store and publish online courses like Linkedin learning, Coursera and EdX, to far from the end of real-life real-time interaction, like Zoom. Not only does it have a wider geographical reach but also tailored for personal development as well as a huge time-saver

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M-Education can truly transform the stereotype and the typical image of using the phones for only social media and entertainment into one of the most convenient portable 24/7 lifetime educational tools that transform the use of mobile devices for every generation.

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