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Realistic COVID Response Strategies for Governments

Steps to contain and manage the impact of the virus. Steps to address economic impact

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At the stage the virus is progressing quickly governments need to act within days. We need a comprehensive and uniform approach like one prescribed here:

On the medical front:

- ubiquitus and free home testing and drive through testing for covid. No in-clinic or in-hospital testing except for severe pulminory infection cases or 911 calls. 

- ubiquitus and free anti viral drugs to be taken for home, and self treatment program for those diagnosed with Covid.  What really works if provided  early enough: favipiravir, lopinavir/ ritonavir as well as chloroquine and zinc (not all can be taken simultaneously). Hospital treatment must be reserved for emergencies.

- anti inflammation drugs like actemra and ventilators available at all hospitals. Standardized health professional training on how to diagnose out of control immune response cytokine storm situations using serum ferritin blood test.

- Relax rules for certifying health care providers while training to ensure treatment quality.

- Continue vaccine programs

On the medical building logistics:

- logistics for hospital expansion should involve a combination of personal tents or lightweight modular enclosures equipped with negative pressure hvac tubes inside stadiums or other wide open areas with electricity access. Leasing/renting small buildings in large cities will not scale. 

On the public awareness front:

- Massive information campagn telling people that typical transmittion can occur from HEALTHY individuals with NO APPARENT SYMPTOMS, at risk individuals require THREE WEEKS isolation not 2 days. This disease spreads prior to symptoms.

- Massive information campagn on the seriousness of the disease.

- Continue message about washing hands not touching faces and not being close to crowds.

On limiting transmission

- All at risk people 60 and over or with health conditions must immediate self quarantine for 1 month.

- All people with computer or non physical jobs must work from home for 1 month. Legal requirements for companies to allow this.

- For those who must travel to work protective masks and gloves are required for 1 month. 

- Alternate production of personal protection items is necessary. Industry: heavy incentives to figure this out. For example filter for mask, 3d print or alternate materials. Consult 3M type companies and universities/startups/volunteers

- New emphasis on public building cleaning. Dedicated cleaning times. Heavy subsidies and overtime pay for cleaning crews. Employees must wear protective equipment.

On the economic front:

- Government subsidized next month rent for individuals.  Did your job cease to function due to covid, yes/no. 

- Business subsidy for lost revenues due to shutdown. Does you company need customers to be physically present yes/no?

- Gift card and prepay loyalty programs

- Heavy airline and travel subsidies.

- Possibly freeze stock trading for 2 weeks or 1 month. All accounts will continue as before next month. NYSE is on vacation. It will shut down anyway when the traders get sick. At least make this process orderly.

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